IncGamers - Football Manager 2010 Review

IncGamers' Peter Parrish checks out Football Manager 2010 on the PC.

From the review: "Confession time: I've been somewhat estranged from the Sports Interactive series of management titles. We've been apart for so long in fact, that the last one I played for any prolonged period was almost certainly Championship Manager 01/02 - released long before the split with Eidos and the loss of the 'Championship Manager' name. Even the most half-hearted follower of management sims knows what happened after that. The re-christened Football Manager stayed top of the pile, while the Championship Manager brand drifted into a few difficult years in the wilderness. Oh yes, and FIFA Manager occasionally popped up on the sidelines looking pretty."

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Maticus3329d ago

I've heard good things about this game

Leord3329d ago

Not a comment on the news, but it's funny to see the N4G game associations and the suggested game purchase ad they have..

If I liked football manager (which I don't), I think I'd be unlikely to want to buy the "Backyard Football" offered :)