Games That Will Scare Your Pants Off: Resident Evil

Resident Evil isn't the first game to feature zombies, an intimidating mansion, or tense situations, but it does it well and in a frighteningly-good fashion. It was able to creatively mix a scary atmosphere, interesting story, and remarkable action to produce one of the scariest and most memorable survival horror games ever.

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Murgatroyd73368d ago

The Resident Evil games are good, but I don't know if I would consider them scary. When I play them, I expect all of these creatures to come popping out from everywhere, so I'm not really surprised when it happens. But maybe that's just me.

Kamikaze83368d ago

Yea, they were only scary when I was little. Resident Evil 5 was more sick and twisted than scary.

thegreatest78843368d ago

I played the first RE maybe 1000 times and fell in love with it, but once the series started getting all those spinoffs like Umbrella Chronicles, Zero, Veronica, etc., it started to get redundant. RE5 was fun, but nothing will compare to the original game in this case, at least in my opinion. Good article.

Ramin1233368d ago

Resident Evil 4 + 5 shouldn't really be part of the same series as really it's not even the same game anymore :|