Extreme Gamer: Forza Motorport 3 Review

The first thing you will likely notice about Forza Motorsport 3 is its streamlined presentation and the clean-cut graphics. Forza Motorsport 3 isn't a flashy type of racing game, but it has the graphical horsepower under the hood. The focus in Forza is on the racing, the customization, and the community, exactly what a racing game should be about. Turn 10 has not disappointed its long time fans as the Forza Motorsport series keeps getting better and better with every new addition. Forza 3 is everything the last two games are and more. If you have been a fan of Forza in the past, then you need this game, it is that simple. Not only has the amount of cars and detail in the graphics been upped, the gameplay is more refined, challenging and accessible then ever, all rolled into one. Forza 3 is one of those games you will keep coming back to over the years, leaving each session with a smile.

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Hail to the King of Racing Sim

Turn 10 Studios3274d ago

Droids Can't handle the Fact that's the definitive Racing Sim of this gen is Exclusive to the 360

Just wait 4 your bumper car