Eurogamer: BioShock 2 Hands On

Eurogamer writes: "Sisters are not doing it for themselves. But then, it shouldn't come as a surprise to discover the Big Sister is not the main baddy in BioShock 2 despite what we've been encouraged to think. After all, this is the series that had you take a golf club to its own illusions last time out. If even 2K Marin's press events are a festival of misdirection, surely that's another tick in the "worthy" column for the arch-nerds in the audience."

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Lucreto3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

I can't wait for Bioshock 2, only 4 months to go.

I wonder if Andrew Ryan will be in it? I knew he is dead but he could have revived himself in the Vita-chamber and gone into hiding for a glorious return.


There are some plot spoilers from half way down the second page to the end of page 3.