Resident Evil 0 coming to Europe in January 2010

That Gaming Site writes: "Capcom Europe have confirmed that the second entry in the Resident Evil archives series will hit Europe in January.

The latest addition to the series will be Resident Evil 0, a title originally developed for the Nintendo 64 and eventually released on Nintendo Gamecube in 2002."

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Elven63279d ago

The circle of life when it comes to Capcom's Nintendo titles,

HardcoreGamer3279d ago

but i just came on here realised it was for wii and just left after posting this message

raiden_933279d ago

Not the best Resident Evil of the series, wish they would go in and add some form of online co-op rather than the single player co-op system they have going on in this.

SassyLadMan3279d ago

Wow, has it been that long since the Game Cube version came out? How time flies.
Having never played the Resident Evil series (a bit of a zombie fraidy-cat) but still a horror fan, I'm excited to see it getting greater distribution.

SpoonyRedMage3279d ago

Eh, I might pick it up because I've never played it but I'd wish there would be less rehashes on the Wii from Capcom. When they do give us something new it is hit(MH3) or miss(Spyborgs).

Killjoy30003279d ago

Capcom keeps having games revisit the Wii and are walking away with poor results, so why continue this trend when they can just remake them on other systems in HD? Snese has escaped the industry.

Elven63279d ago

The same can be said about Sega and EA as well, especially Sega...

SpoonyRedMage3279d ago

Well Monster Hunter Tri is the best selling third party console game in Japan this gen.... and they've had multiple million sellers on the Wii.

ChickeyCantor3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Actually Capcom is very pleased with their sales.
Also RE:0 was already on the GCN, you cant say they will make a huge loss. If it doesnt sell.

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