Iwata: Nintendo failed with the Wii, "sales returned to a certain level" after price drop

Nintendo President commented about the current situation of the Wii (in relation to system sales) at a recent press conference.

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SpoonyRedMage3280d ago

It's good to hear that Iwata can recognise that they've made mistakes. I think what Nintendo really needs to do is make a big new cross-appeal franchise for the Wii. They've been focusing nearly entirely on the DS and brought a few franchises to prominence like Professor Layton(in the west anyway), I think they need to more evenly focus.

Third party support is definitely improving though and with some nifty looking new first party games coming like Monado and Line Attack Heroes I think it's just going to get better for the Wii.

Oh yeah, in slightly related news Monster Hunter Tri has broke a million and brought Capcom lots of money.

ThanatosDMC3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

They're finally gonna eat some humble pie they got caught up with all that money and lost their mojo in creating worthwhile games.

MH3 sales are terrible compared to MH2 and MH2G separately. I hope they bring it on the PS3 or at least the PSP. But let it be MH3G instead of the gimped Tri, which has a severe lack of monsters.


Damn right they failed with the Wii, they're biggest problem is their main market have no interest in buying games for it. Nearly everyone I know has been happy with Wii Sports/Resort and Wii Fit but hasn't bought anything from a 3rd party publisher. That is nintendos biggest failing, catering for an audience that isn't interested in buying games.

SpoonyRedMage3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Monster Hunter Tri wasn't expected to reach the PSP numbers though, it's like Pokémon, much more successful on portables. Tri did however surpass the PS2 games so it's done well.

EDIT: Tri is also the best selling third party console game in Japan this gen(but I think that will change with FFXIII's release).

presto7173280d ago

That being said, my friends and I play Brawl all the time.


mint royale3280d ago

MH3 sales obliterated the sales of ps2 versions of the game so no complaints there especially from Capcom.

Nintendo really needs more compelling games. It has more than people think (I'll be buying more wii games than ps3 or 360 this christmas) but they still need more. Gameswise they have been outdone by Sony this year.

Having said that it is not just Nintendo's responsibility. If you take all Sony made games for the ps3 and Nintendo made games for the wii this generation there will be hardly any difference at all.

sikbeta3280d ago

The N Crew for some reason remind me of N Flanders :P

rockleex3280d ago

Their price drop was ineffective.

But I'd like to think it helped kill off at least some bit of steam Sony had with the PS3 slim.

EvilTwin3280d ago

rockleex -- Are you reading the same article that was posted? The one that says this:

"It does seem that Iwata has a positive outlook for the Wii, though, thanks to the September price drop. According to a Reuters report from the press conference, Iwata said of the decision to lower Wii's sales targets, 'With the price drop, sales returned to a certain level, but they just did not reach the level of last year around this time.'"

That's not saying it was ineffective. If anything, Nintendo is optimistic about sales after the price drop. It's the period before then that they're disappointed in.

HardcoreGamer3280d ago

im happy that people are not blinded and see for a change. even nds games are losing its core awesomeness what happen? why . theyre greed for money has taken them out

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EvilTwin3280d ago

I think it's true that they failed to keep momentum by continually releasing killer app titles -- they launched with Zelda and Wii Sports, Galaxy was GOTY quality in 2007, SSBB carried the early load in 2008, but the rest of '08 was forgettable for first-party titles, and that carried over to this year.

Combine that with a recession that knocked sales down for everyone and the natural sales slide from a console being out for a few years, and you end up here.

NSMB and a price cut should stabilize them, but c'mon, they're never going to get back to the sales from the Wii's early life cycle. They caught lightning in a bottle, and that won't be replicated.

Still, they've sold more consoles than anyone this gen while turning a profit on each one. You can't ask for much more than that.

Shadowstar3280d ago

Yes. If this is failure, I wish I would fail more often.

darthv723280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

to release units in different colors. It might sound lame but it worked for the ds lite and it could have worked for the wii. The plain white unit is very simple but having different colors like black, blue, red, yellow, etc gives the impression of choice to suit the personal preference of the consumer.

Why did they show off the wii in different colors if they only intended to sell the plain white one in stores?

SpoonyRedMage3280d ago

They're releasing the black one soon as a limited edition one and the black wiimote has Wii Motionplus built in as well. I think they're just planning to keep the Wii sales steady now, they're still selling loads.

Picnic3280d ago

Yes, one of the features of the Wii that has disappointed me is the lack of choice of colours. I wouldn't be surpised if they'd decided that maintaining a safe, minimalist, image was appealing to enough people to make the Wii a permanent fixture under the main household TV. Personally, I find it deliberately bland. Just like the celebrity adverts for its games, Nintendo decided to draw a deep lines in the sand between themselves and their competitors to mark their product, like the Famicom (NES), as a family product. Most Dreamcasts were in just the white colour too but its design was more striking. It's a step down from the 6 colours available for the N64 or the several versions of Gamecube that were available. We know that there are quirky games like Mad World on the Wii so a bit of colourful quirkiness in marketing and product design seems a bit overdue.

raztad3280d ago

Early Wii lifespan sales wont never come back again. Wii initial massive success is not related with Mario, Zelda or any "hardcore" franchise, it was all about novelty and casual market. The Wii appeal is still going strong but not like it used to be, and what the price cut shows is that price was never an issue.

butterfinger3280d ago

You do realize that the Wii's new price didn't go into effect until September 27, right?

raztad3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )


Did you eve read the title?

A bump in sales is expected but the very same Iwata is saying Wii sales are returning to "certain" levels, doesnt that ring a bell?

butterfinger3280d ago

Everything you stated is subjective. Iwata's "certain levels" are probably different from yours or mine, and if the Wii returned to where it was, then I guess we can expect the same killer sales that it has had every month. You should wait until YOU see the sales figures before you start spouting off at the mouth.

raztad3280d ago


Agree about "certain levels" being subjective, now give a look to Media Create Hardware for last week October/full October. Those levels are there in numbers.

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gamingisnotacrime3280d ago

The PS3 price cut effect goes beyond competing with the 360, it got Wii owners and possible Wii buyers thinking. $199 for a Wii or a little more for a PS3 (with Blu Ray and all those exclusives that got me broke after buying them:). Is tough to sell the Wii with all that shovelware when the PS3 is there with a friendly price and it offers just too much. Of course the Wii is selling good, but next year and forward the PS3 will keep rising in the charts and Nintendo is in for another beat down, eventually

butterfinger3280d ago

The lack of killer apps/AAA titles is the real problem. At $199.99 the Wii can easily slip back into first with the release of games that everyone loves such as New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Let's not forget that Nintendo's handheld is only $30 cheaper than a Wii and it is outselling every single console on the market. I know everyone on N4G is so excited about the PS3's price cut, but October's sales results will give us an even better idea of the actual effect the new price has had.

bigrudowsky3280d ago

people who are thinking about buying a wii are not making comparisons to the ps3 or xbox.. They are an entirely different demographic however many wii owners maybe looking to expand and thats where the ps3 has the potential to really make sales.. It generally wont be for the games i'm not saying that ps3 has no games but i'm certain that very few of those people will buying games like heavy rain, mag or even God of war;as good as they are, it comes down to the value and the simple fact is the ps3 is the better value on a hardware side of things Software is always debatable.