GameKult Preview: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

GameKult: After the slap that we had glued the first Modern Warfare in 2007, was expected to firm up his party. Discreet while not speaking ill of him, there was still time for the FPS the most anticipated of the year unfolds a little more seriously. This was done in early October, the time of a rainy morning, with Robert Bowling, creative strategist at Infinity Ward, who showed us a full level of the single player campaign and a handful of Spec Ops missions before we give some minutes the controller that, in our turn, we take the full head.

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It says review but the link says preview.

besides that the link is broken
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This aint no review! They trying to get my degrees. :) Anyone actually know when the embargo lifts.

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Wtf? Who approved this?

The title says Review and then at the bottom of the story it says

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errr... isnt this a preview?

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This is a preview and not a review article

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