Final Fantasy XIII Release Date Exposure in Casting Call Script

GB writes: "It looks like Square Enix, developers of the award-winning franchise Final Fantasy will be ready to tell us the release date of their latest any day now. A leaked script for the casting call suggests that the developers have something revolutionary to unveil. The script talks of 'a never before seen look at Final Fantasy XIII'. It's enough to whet the appetite of any fan."

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williamkenny3277d ago

I'm really looking forward to this game. I hope they do something different!

Assassin Nawabi3277d ago

i guess ff games never be able to impress me

gameseveryday3277d ago

well Final Fantasy has been game that has loved by millions for two decades. I mean no offend brother, but i am shocked.

Noctis Aftermath3276d ago

i've loved almost every final fantasy game(8,x-2,xi,xii are the ones i'm not fond of) maybe that has something to do with the fact that i was born on 18 december 1987... the same day the original final fantasy was released in japan.

gameseveryday3277d ago

well i have never been a fan of turn based role playing games but I am not sure how this will work.

williamkenny3277d ago

Same here, I'm never usually i big fan of turn based games in general, but the FF games are exemplary.

Assassin Nawabi3277d ago

yeh j-rpgs are not my piece of cake either

Ziriux3277d ago

I stopped following this game, i was sick of the teasing, will not just wait till it actually comes out. I don't want EVERYTHING spoiled for me, I want to be surprised too.

williamkenny3277d ago

Well, I think the wait may NEARLY be over. Finally.

Lucreto3277d ago

I can't wait to find out the date. There are RPGs out nearly every month in 2010.
Jan- Mass Effect 2
Feb- WKC and Star Ocean 4
March- Final Fantasy XIII (I believe this is the target month)

sack_boi3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

If that's the case then I'll be buying Mass Effect 2 and Bayonetta in January, Splinter Cell in February and Final Fantasy XIII in March.

Modern Warfare 2 and L4D2 will help me kill the wait till then.

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