Heads-Up' PlayStation Store Update (29th October 2009)

Mike Kebby writes:

"Howdy folks.

I've noticed that a few corners of the internet picked up on a comment I made last week saying that this week would be a big update, I just wanted to put it into context before I began, the full comment was 'Well next week is going to be a mammoth update in comparison – I can tell you all that much", I think the key wording here is 'in comparison'.

I've set this up like it'll be a small update now haven't I? Well, I'm only toying with you dear reader , this week is a veritable feast of goodness, so join me as we jump into today's update to savour the tasty delights that will befall you later today."

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Milky3278d ago

Great update. Ratchet demo, Trine demo, Pixeljunk Monsters deluxe demo and Locoroco midnight carnival demo. Good week for demos!

talltony3278d ago

But I will try the ratchet demo.

HypnoticMonkey3278d ago


People like you would, I've come to expect that from greedy next generation gamers.

boodybandit3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

I want a Tekken 6 demo.

talltony3278d ago

Lol people like me believed them when they said "massive update" last week. This was not that big of a update. Where is that new pool game? Or that new exclusive zombie psn game?

ginganinja3278d ago

yep, Tony, people like you..
'They' never said anything of the sort. As it says in the blurb, Mike replied to a comment in last weeks update about it being pretty sparse (no demos, a bit of dlc and a few trailers) and that this weeks would be 'mammoth in comparison' - which it is.
'They' didn't decide that that meant half the PS1 catalogue would show up, B/wards compatibility would suddenly return, cross-game chat would appear, Christ would return... or any of the other bits of wild speculation that apparently becomes 'fact' - and therefore a disappointment when it doesn't happen.

SevWolf3278d ago

This update sucks...for me :P
Got it (2 trophies away from Plat)
Got R&C today ....loving it
P.S Don't take the "update sucks" me as long as they are updating...anything whether trailers, demos, or themes. it's a good update to me

creatchee3278d ago

Definitely looking forward to the R&C demo

talltony3278d ago

All u people want to do is argue when someone has a different opinion than urself. Grow the hell up and go out side!

Maddens Raiders3278d ago

can I get some premium avatars sometime this year Sony.....pullease? D:

Raf1k13278d ago

I guess you missed the 'in comparison' part. Besides, you should know by now not to get too hyped up about things you read on the internet.

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Sir Ken_Kutaragi3278d ago

Can't wait to play the 2nd R&C:ACiT Demo later... ;-P

TeChNiC12s3278d ago

Here is a great idea sony... give me some new avatars!!!! 3yrs and STILL not one new avatar.. i dont wanna make a big deal out of avatars but honestly how hard is it to just add a few new pics?? really its kinda weird.

Raf1k13278d ago

Yeh I agree with you.
There should at least be a custom avatar option.

Redempteur3278d ago

in 3 years they increased the number of avatars just a little bit ...

but that's right ... we need more of them ..

Sarick3278d ago

I beat this game a while back and the only thing that burned me with these packs is they worked only once.

These packs are crazy they're mostly syth items. The costume packs are about the only thing that transfers in easy mode. All the other packs that give items are lost if you beat the game in easy. T.T

Sheesh, cross edge is almost as bad as Rockband and little big planet content packs.

keke9613278d ago

ZOMBIE TYCOON, wouldn't that be badass if we could create our own nazi zombie levels?

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