Conviction Won't Be Last Splinter Cell Game

Ubisoft has confirmed that the upcoming Splinter Cell: Conviction will not be the last game in the series and that the next title may even feature a new player character.

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Maticus3274d ago

Yeah, it's about time they replaced that old man ;)

StanLatMarveldotCom3274d ago

I think Conviction may be Sam's swan song and you get a new hero going forward with a the franchise returning to being multiplatform.

Leord3274d ago

Not surprised it's not the last one, however,..

Fyzzu3274d ago

BREAKING NEWS: Successful franchise to continue!

It is intriguing that they might look into retiring Sam Fisher, though. Or maybe they're just saying this so that they can spark rumours he'll die at the end of the game.

AndyA3274d ago

Maybe Conviction will introduce a protege who will take over as the player character in the next game.

dgroundwater3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

It may be true, older characters like Sam (and Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino) are known to sacrifice themselves for the greater good.

This game would likely be a great send off for Sam if they chose to go that route. Just don't make the next Splinter Cell a whiny twentysomething or a Nolan North stereotype.

ndibu3274d ago

You just totally spoilt Gran Torino for me!! Not cool

Gandalf3274d ago

I doubt it. They need the sequels The Fisher Supremacy and The Fisher Ultimatum.

Dorjan3274d ago

Great franchises don't need to rely on one character! Good ones normally do but it shouldn't be the whole game!

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The story is too old to be commented.