Selvaria in Valkyria Chronicles 2! new Box Art and media.

Sega reintroduced Selvaria Bles in valkyria Chronicles 2 as a guest character unlockable as a preorder bonus. In addition to that, today they released two new movies, a new fansite kit with several new screenshots and the box art of the game.

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Voozi3373d ago

I for one, welcome Valkyria Chronicles on the go. Can't wait :D

Raf1k13373d ago

It's a shame it didn't sell very well else it would be on PS3.

Either way, I'm getting it.

Reibooi3373d ago

The more I hear about the game the more excited I am to play it. It seems Sega is doing everything they can do make the game a killer app for PSP and hopefully get a crap load of sales.

If the game does incredibly well Sega already said the series would return to PS3. Lets hope enough people are aware of the game this time around.

Redempteur3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

it sold well enough to get an anime adaptation AND a sequel ...

All in a few years time ... And that's only a tactical RPG ..So please ... Valkyria did well enough ... to sell more it would had been called "final fantasy tactics" ...

sikbeta3373d ago

"If only this was on PS3"

You are right, but as some user in this site said to me, maybe they put VC2 on the PSP and then when it get the status of established franchise, they make a jump into the PS3 again, so VC3 for PS3 confirmed XD

Abriael3373d ago

I have no problem about it being on the PSP, it's not like the PS3 doesn't have enough games next year anyway :D

NeoCloud3372d ago

Its because of the Anime series the sales of the game picked up in Japan, before the anime series the games sales where low. U Can't even compare this to FinalFantasy so don't even go there, Its not even as popular as The Tales Of series [but that games been around for awhile].All i am trying to say is that When it comes to RPG's SEGA has some really bad luck. { but hey atleast PSO is popular in JP].

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raztad3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

Everybody needs to buy this game. Anyone getting this game pirated is committing a crime against gaming. This franchise is unique and its a real bless we have it exclusively on the PS brand. Lets support it.

Abriael3373d ago

Ahah it's a pity that so many committed a crime against gaming by not buying the first Valkyria Chronicles also... unfortunately Sega did a really horrible job in marketing first game. They're doing really good with marketing the second one in Japan though. We can only hope they finally decide to up their ante in their marketing in the west as well

Light Yagami3373d ago

Selvaria? That's retarded.

joemayo763372d ago

altho why is it i get the feeling that when the game is released here crappy EB is gunna be the only company doing the promo. God i wish the code was something boxed in, dam EB employees keep all the promo stuff for themselves here