Has the Survival Horror Genre Come to a Standstill?

What has happened to the innovation and populace of the survival horror genre? Have we already hit a standstill with this popular and enjoyable genre?

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omicron0093278d ago

Well you have games like L4D and Dead Rising that have stepped into that roll, but there not really scary like Silent Hill was.

Ramin1233278d ago

More to the point they are not survival horror :(

G3Ben3278d ago

Exactly. They are just shooter games with a couple of jumps. FEAR was scarier than those.

Komega3278d ago

RE5 was more funny than scary I thought, and that's supposed to be the gold standard of the Survival Horror.

Murgatroyd73278d ago

Nothing will freak me out like Silent Hill 2 did. The first night of playing that, I got so freaked out that I ended up sticking it in the freezer so it couldn't get me...

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