IncGamers: Champions Online Review [PC]

IncGamers' Bill Vaughan dons the tights and takes off into Champions Online, then comes back and gives us her thoughts on the recently-released game from Cryptic Studios.

"MMOs have been around long enough now for everyone to have figured out what's important to us gamers in this genre. One of the things right up there at the top of the list is that we look good.

Or we look evil, or pretty, or ugly, or however we want to look, and that's the point right there."

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Maticus3281d ago

The customisation is pretty special. Shame about the imbalance in the powers right now though.

Leord3281d ago

I suppose it's a nightmare to properly balance skills and abilities when you can pick them so freely.

Malfurion3281d ago

Being able to pick and choose whatever skills you want sounds cool, but in practice it doesn't work. Min/maxing is a must here.

Dorjan3281d ago

I agree, the problem lyes with this sort of freedom. Maybe more pairing of skills to get bonuses to other skills needed?

AndyA3281d ago

Seems like it's changed a fair bit since launch.

Fyzzu3281d ago

This sounds a lot better than expected. I do *like* Champions, but I'm not quite sure why. It sounds like I might have missed a few things, though...