Game Revolution: Wii Fit Plus Review

GR writes: "Before going any further, Nintendo has addressed the criticism of it calling children "obese" in the original Wii Fit with their latest balance board fitness entry, Wii Fit Plus. The moniker "obese" is never uttered if the player is a child (it's still there for adults). In Wii Fit Plus, children are labeled either "underweight", "healthy weight", "at risk of overweight", or "Overweight". "Overweight" as a label still stings, but at least it doesn't jiggle. If a player hits an unhealthy Body Mass Index (BMI), there is a long explanation that reads as if it were drawn up by a team of lawyers spurred on by angry moms brandishing hairbrushes as weapons. Somewhere, a conference room full of sweaty execs reeks in the odor of stale donuts as they explain that the BMI calculated may be incorrect because it can vary based on age, gender, and other factors."

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