Halo: Reach Moving Towards A Militaristic Theme? "it seems Microsoft is finally constructing a universe which looks into the theme of fear, distraught and peril upon mankind. This is being said with reference to Paul Pepera's profile who has worked on Section 8, Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad and Doom 4."

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Godmars2903279d ago

Light romantic comedy?
Crime drama?
5 sentai superhero action?

(I'd actually like to see the last one...)

281219863279d ago

Halo has never been gritty and Militaristic in portraying its character...Seriously which is the last war that mankind witnessed that was on high plains which colorful creatures pooping around...

I dont mock the fun factor of Halo...I just dont see it too mature to be hyped up incessantly...

Godmars2903279d ago

Don't you mean "characters" at this point? Like we've heard the last of the ODTS rookie much less the sarge.

Heck, they've haven't even touched Covenant side of the story. Could actually do a comedy featuring the one grunt who's always surviving in MC wake to devastate the regular Human forces that mop up.

General Pinky3279d ago

No hate here..plzz....just let as chat in peace

281219863278d ago

sell due to Microsoft's marketing efforts...

BlackIceJoe3278d ago

I think it would be cool if Halo:Reach has a dark war tone. I am now readying Fall of Reach to get me more ready to know what is going on. So I could see some really great military strategy's in Halo:Reach. I also hope the game has an early look at the Spartan II Program and shows how much training went into training the kids to become weapons of war. Because from the book there is some nice/dark history that if brought into Reach could make for a truly outstanding game.