'360 has the best games' says Xbox LIVE boss

The Xbox 360 has the best games and the best first-person shooters, a high-ranking Microsoft executive has claimed.

Speaking to to promote the launch of the Sky Player on Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE Europe general manager Jerry Johnson said that the console's exclusive games "prove the point that this is still very much at its heart a gaming console", despite strong moves to broaden the 360's appeal.

He said: "I'll come back and say that Xbox has the best games out there. It's got the best first-person shooter games out there. The exclusives we've had over the past years and what we had going into this holiday prove the point that this is still very much at its heart a gaming console.

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IcyJoker1873278d ago

Really? You can still say that after 2009? Stop being so delusional.

chrisulloa3278d ago

After 2009 what? We got Liberty City Stories, Forza 3, Left 4 Dead 2, Halo Wars, and ODST?

Shadow Flare3278d ago

Turn 10 and Microsoft

Polyphony Digital and Sony

Class, write down the similarities please.

NateNater3278d ago

Yes you got some GTA DLC, a racing game that doesn't even come close to GT5, L4D2 meh just another zombie game, and one and a half new Halo games.

Sony got inFamous, Killzone 2, Ratchet & Clank:ACIT, Uncharted 2, Demon's Souls, Fat Princess, and MLB 09. Did I miss any?

And just wait for 2010. Need I list those?

WildArmed3278d ago

well thats PR at work i guess.
It's not like they are gonna admit Sony got the better year no matter how bad they do.

EpicGamerSwordsman3278d ago

L4D2 is on the PC, The episodes of LC & ODST are nothing but expansion packs.

HolyOrangeCows3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

2 total exclusives rated 95 or higher - (50% are new IPs)
5 total exclusives rated 90 or higher - (20% are new IPs)
19 total exclusives rated 85 or higher - (48% are new IPs)
26 total exclusives rated 80 or higher - (50% are ner IPs)
35 total exclusives rated 75 or higher - (54% are new IPs)

0 total exclusives rated 95 or higher - (None)
5 total exclusives rated 90 or higher - (20% are new IPs)
11 total exclusives rated 85 or higher - (28% are new IPs)
19 total exclusives rated 80 or higher - (32% are new IPs)
21 total exclusives rated 75 or higher - (38% are new IPs)

And both have all of the big multiplats.


joydestroy3278d ago

delusional indeed. they had pretty much nothing great this year imo. next year though, i'm really really looking forward to ME2 and Splinter Cell, even though quite a few people don't think SC is going to do well.

Anon19743278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Within the last month or so, all we're seeing is Microsoft execs shooting off their mouths. "We have the best games," "Multiplats are better," "We'll outsell the PS3 overall," "Look at our Halo and GTA4 expansions! Love us!"

Blah, blah blah.

They must be seriously spooked about the momentum the PS3 has going into this holiday season. They have to have noticed that the price drop and release of the slim was what everyone was waiting for. Even in the US, in September the PS3 moved 40% more consoles than the 360 did last year in September when they cut the 360's price. It's obvious this was a turning point. After the 360 being outsold since the PS3 launched worldwide, it now looks like the PS3 floodgates have really opened. The 360 was struggling before when it was half the price, what chance does it have now with the PS3 on more even price footing?

Hey Microsoft. If you want my gaming dollar you're not going to win it back by spouting off. You'll do it by delivering the games. In my opinion, it's been all downhill since 2007. How about you not worry so much about the other guys and just deliver games I want to play. Is that so hard?

Mr_Bun3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

As a multiple console owner, I find that 360 only owners seem to have lower expectations. I find myself saying "This is a good exclusive, for the 360". Mass Effect is a perfect example of this....Oblivion was a far better RPG, yet 360 owners seem to drool over ME

The calibre of gaming with PS3 exclusives is a cut above.

Darkeyes3278d ago

In terms of vivid quality, PS3 trumps the 360 on all parts.... Games like LBP brought a new genre in itself, Killzone 2 set a new bar in FPS games with best graphics and intense gameplay, MGS4 brought in a new cinematic experience.... AND.... UNCHARTED 2 !!!!!! Do you really want me to go in this???? This game alone rapes any 360 game ever released....

If you want to judge a company pushing the boundaries, then just look at their catalog and point out the number of new IPs available.... What was the last new IP on the 360??? I can point out Infamous, LBP on the PS3 just to mark a few... And next year, Heavy Rain, MAG, Agent, TLG..... Apart from pushing the graphical boundaries, all PS3 games are... Well... DIFFERENT... Not too many FPSes, not too many TPSes... We also get really new concepts as LBP and Heavy Rain..... Even RPG games like Demon Souls really was the sleeper hit for me....

I know it's subjective, but come on... You gotta be a fanboy to think this line is in any terms inferior to the 360... Ohh... I forgot GOW3!!!!!!! Too many AAA gems

raztad3278d ago

In fact what the guy says is pure true for DIE-hard 360 fans but only for them. If you decided to stay with such a piece of crappy hardware you need to be in love with the software I suppose. That said, there is NOTHING so far (except perhaps a dlc game from EPIC, I forgot the name) that makes me want to have a 360. Multiplats, some old shooters and expansions dont make it for me.

drdre743278d ago

whatever dude is smoking let me get some of it. lol! dude is high and floating on cloud nine after those comments.

3278d ago
butterfinger3278d ago

as spam. Why on Earth, would you take up so much space with so little to say? Keep your BS in the Open Zone.

Tinted Eyes3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Your comment is the definition of denial, lmao.

CrazzyMan3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )


And, well maybe for someone, it`s x360 who has best games, and for another gamer it`s PS3 or even Wii.
It`s a matter of taste, but i wouldn`t be so categoric about x360 though.

PotNoodle3278d ago

Did you really expect an "XBOX LIVE BOSS" to say "Playstation has the best games" or "Nintendo have the best games"?

You're the one being delusional.

ThanatosDMC3278d ago

Well, if you cant beat them... you could always pretend...???

soxfan20053278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

"a racing game that doesn't even come close to GT5,"

You're right - the Forza series isn't close to GT anymore- it has surpassed it.

Metacritic this decade:

GT - 95, 89, 80
Forza - 92, 90, 92

Did you miss any? You listed Fat Princess (a PSN game), yet you conveniently forgot to list any exclusive XBLA games.

EDIT @ below - look at 1.6. Funny how nearly everyone agrees when he uses Metacritic to make a point about PS3, yet when I do the same everyone disagrees.

You are right though - it's all opinion. You could ask 100 people what they consider to be the "best" games this generation, and you would probably get 100 different answers.

D4RkNIKON3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

soxfan, thanks for that laugh. It is funny seeing scattered 360 fans (along with holyorangecow) scrambling to pull together any sort of proof that they are right. It is all opinion, proof doesn't really lie anywhere. Metacritic is not the deciding factor.

Ahmad-3278d ago

Nope, i expect him to shut his mouth.

IcyJoker1873278d ago

I find it hilarious that you had to take Metacritic scores from Gran Turismo Porlogue lmao, face it Forza can never be as good as GT.

HolyOrangeCows3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

I've had that info on a word file for a couple weeks.
Scattered nothing.

Heck, I myself just wanted to know what the differences were. And I was even surprised.

And we both know that Metacritic captures the quality of the game most of the time.

soxfan20053278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

What's so funny about it? GT5P is a fully packaged retail release. I know you'd like to ignore it because it scored so low, but enough sites reviewed it that it has a Metacritic score.

Are you going to criticize the all of the "official" Playstation magazines and websites that reviewed it as a normal game too? After all, those scores are figured into the Meta rating.

ijkabob3278d ago

We have mag. and after playing the beta for 2 weeks that's all i have to say. :).

The Wood3278d ago

we're not like you nor do we need to be. Its all good and well picking on a prologue but its just that a prologue. You know the full release will score higher but i suppose you can always hope right??. You guys now see expansions/prologues as real release full titles now. How the tune was different when we paid 20 quid for a 'demo' now you guys lord full price odst and what not. What a joke. Anyway for every expansion pack the 360 has the ps3 has a 'real' full title. Its a shame that you had to spend your time picking over 1 half game instead of the many full ones but that is testament in itself to the ps3 superior game library LOL

Killjoy30003278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

These titles beg to differ. Disney should produce their next film about the Microsoft and Turn 10 PR group. They'd be excellent for delving children into a mythical world where reality doesn't exist.

Greywulf3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Guess what?

The 360 still has less.

GT5p doesn't need to justify itself with scores, seeing as how it has a higher attach rate than Forza2. GT is in a class of its own, Forza scoring higher has as much impact to the series as GRID does.

Its a huge franchise in which people care about vehicle accuracy/details/photo realistic visuals/physics/just having a great drive.

If the bar for SIMULATION racers is Rewind/LiveryPainting/8 vehicles in 720p 60fps/30fps coskpit view/Low polygon models while racing/swapped out high polygon models in menu/replays/no weather/no pitstop animations/no animated spoilers/animated drivers/animated air brakes/Pre-Determined damage model swaps/online modes like Cat & Mouse...

I'm glad GT will never hit that bar. Because its amazingly low, let GT5 push out no more vehicles than GT4 and see the world implode covering Polyphonys failures, swapping out high polygon models with low ones in gameplay. Let Turn10 do it, and its "more of the classic same we all love perfect 10/10". Outside of the same refined painting features from the first game, GT has hardly any work ahead of itself considering its specs already out-pace the "definitive" racer of this year.

Lets not Forget GT has a history of Prologues. They aren't 60.00 like you guys pay for ODST, and its a better quality game than any racer out there, which you can't say for any DLC/Expansions on the 360. Its not a timed demo, and actually released new cars as they debuted in car shows.

A sim is a game where you literally drive over and over again with cars and tracks, it takes months to perfect tracks. Theres not a story mode that you finish then throw the game away.

lve2playbball3278d ago

I love seeing people get on the boards to defend the honor of the PS3, or to exclaim the superiority of the 360...whatever it may be........doesn't change the fact that it DOESN'T MATTER. PS3 and 360 are good machines and the competition is good... to a certain extent. Wouldn't it be better for the gamer if the consoles were equally competent and had all the same games? the answer--> YES. Oh wait, then all you d-bags couldn't get on here and talk about how much better your console is.

3278d ago
KiRBY30003278d ago

hey mister delusional, PROLOGUE =/= full.

how about that? you wanna compare episode by episode?

GT1 96 > Forza1 92
GT2 93 > Forza2 90
GT3 95 > Forza3 92

you wanna compare by gen?

PS1: GT1 96 + GT2 93
xbox wasnt even there yet.

PS2: GT3 95 + GT4 89
XBOX: Forza1 90

PS3: GT5 2010 release, wait for it, it will score above 92, and so will GT6.
360: Forza2 90 + Forza3 92

see, you can spin the numbers all you want but at the end of the day there is no doubt that GT is better than Forza. they're just NOT on the same league, get over it. Forza will always be a GT WANNABE.

the media knows that with better graphics and better content, it will be hard to rate GT5 lower than Forza 3. unless they have no interest in having some credibility (which happened in the past, sadly).

oh and btw, that 89 score GT4 got on metacritic, in my opinion it just shows how the industry used to have high standards when rating the games. somehow they have kept those high standards when it comes to PS3 games. but with 360 games, short campaign is OK, old gen graphics is OK, weak content is OK, lack of originality is OK.

Greywulf3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Let a PS3 game stumble like that, or hardly improve the technicals.*(still has 8 cars)* and get a 9/10.

Uncharted2 has to redefine gaming as we know it to barely get a low 9.

People want to pretend graphics aren't important to a SIM, but GRID's rewind feature & livery painting is..

Prototype3278d ago

Like I've mentioned before "The weaker dog barks louder"

Microsoft sure knows how to run their mouth, and still run their mouth when they aren't winning.

IdleLeeSiuLung3278d ago

I agree! I'm not sure why I come here to read comments, because frankly it is a pure waste of time. Many people here are a bunch of whining ignorant fanboys that make this whole place very hostile.

I think I'm going to play NGS2, working on becoming a Master Ninja.

soxfan20053278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

"PS3: GT5 2010 release, wait for it, it will score above 92, and so will GT6"

You're trying to predict what GT5 will score, not to mention GT6?? When, in 2015 or so???

And you call me delusional??

Just like PS3 fans like to point out that the PS3 has outsold the 360 since the PS3 was launched, Forza has outscored GT since Forza was launched. GT was king when it had no competition.

But hey, if it makes you feel better to pretend that the hundreds of reviews of the Forza games are wrong, go right ahead. Close your eyes really tight, cross your fingers, and repeat "media bias, media bias". Maybe it will come true.

K__L__U__T__C__H3278d ago

lol look here is my honest opinion about all them so called great ps3 exclusives this year.

infamous-Good game, but the 2 year old crackdown with co-op is much better.

killzone 2- Horrible game to play, especially with the ps3 controller and everyone knows shooter games are best played on the 360 hands down.This game can't even compete with multi-plat games like call of duty and rainbow six.

ratchet & clank- I never played any of these games or was i interested with these games last gen on the ps2.

Demon souls- rpg that i have no desire to play

fat princess- Arcade game that doesn't come close to shadow complex.

uncharted 2- Great game

mlb09- Just another baseball game

So you see i can make a list about your ps3 exclusives, just like you did with the 360 exclusives. I can do the same thing with next years ps3 line up, because for me it doesn't touch the 360's. Its all opinions and for me and millions of others, the 360 has the better console,better online, and better exclusives.

vhero3278d ago

Don't use MAG as your argument please use something decent like Uncharted or Resistance 2. MAG is terrible it takes upto 30 minutes to get a game going and has horrible flaws like dying as soon as you spawn as their are base campers.

The Wood3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

heres my honest opinion about your so called honest opinion. Its smells of 360 fanboy. Let me guess, the very few games that got released on the 360 were better than the ps3 ones this year right?? People like yourself never give real credit where its due... Yeah you call U2 a great game but that bit of 'sweet' is accompanied by a lot of 'bitter' plus you'd look like a knob if you didn't acknowledge the great job ND have done EVEN if you don't like the genre or game itself. Im dying to hear what you enjoyed this year because it seems you don't like much.....unless....well, we'll see by your answer.

'and better exclusives.' huh, what exclusives ¬_¬

EDIT....smells like fanboy. There are many 360 only guys who dont get accused or labeled fanboys because their comments dont consistently smell of....u know... fanboy. Theres nothing wrong with a preference. Not everybody can like the same thing. But from here it seems you dont like much on the sony end

The Lazy One3277d ago

If GT5P isn't full, why was it sold at full retail price? And why did 3 million people buy it at full retail price if it wasn't a full game?

And ODST contained a longer story and more multiplayer/replayability features than Heavenly Sword.

K__L__U__T__C__H3277d ago

lol you call me a 360 fanboy, because i like the 360 better. I guess your a ps3 fanboy. Anyways i've played alot of games in the past year, but the two most played are rainbow six vegas 2 and l4d. For me i'm looking forward to l4d2 more than any other exclusive on any system.

Any other stupid questions you want me to answer?

XxZxX3277d ago

chad warden said the other way.

The Wood3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

and you have the gaul to talk down the ps3's exclusive lineup......and you say my questions are stupid ¬_¬

anyway heres another stupid question for ya

why cant you name the exclusive games??

heres a punt...because some of the games you may have enjoyed were laughed at or scored poorly or the majority of them were released prior to 09.. Ive no issue with what you like as opposed to somebody else. You've not named odst and that doesnt make you a freak its just any title YOU may put can be downplayed stupidly like you did above to the ps3's lineup.....This PLUS some of your previous comments just smell like fanboy....guess time will tell

Im not condoning drummers commentsbut for me odst is an expansion priced at full price and gta is just dlc albeit quality dlc with forza the only standout game which i still feel is not the 'definitive' game T10 were lording it to be.

Ausbo3277d ago

this is a debateable topic.

At least microsoft didn't say they have the best looking games, because that is obviously not true

ultimolu3277d ago

For heaven's sake, who keeps giving these PR's rum to drink before their statements?

K__L__U__T__C__H3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

I don't know what your trying to get at, i mean since i said i don't like the ps3 games you think i'm crazy and i must not play alot of games or from a ps3 lover). BTW i only listed my two most played games and i hope your not bashing rainbow six as being old(it was released march 08), because i bet more people are still playing it more than half of the ps3 exclusives. Also my point is that l4d2 is better than all ps3 exclusive games this year IMO.

Edit @below: look for me all i needed to do is tell you one game that is better than the whole ps3 line up.

The Wood3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

who said you were crazy. I asked you to name the 'many' games and all you do is tell me about rainbow 6 having more people playing it than x ps3 exclusive and you wonder why your comments stick of fanboy. I didnt question your dislike of ps3 games I just asked you to name the exclusives to prove a point or two but even without answering you've inadvertently proved them.

'Also my point is that l4d2 is better than all ps3 exclusive games this year IMO'

you a playtester now?? Have you even play tested uncharted....real question ¬_¬ i mean even fanboys are allowed an opinion;)




BLuKhaos3277d ago

When was GT5p sold at full price?It launched at a $40 price point so what the frack are you talking about?

3277d ago
Tjtroublemaker3277d ago

How about we all just shut up and play the games. They could just not make any games at all. is it really necessary to bash the 360? so what some games got delayed for a couple months, why cant you just be happy playing COD4 or Halo 3 ODST or L4D? just be patient. It could be could live in France!!

CrazyJ3277d ago

It's pretty obvious you favor the 360 quite a bit. You may not think your a fanboy but you are. I doubt you even own PS3. I would bet you didn't even play those PS3 exclusives you are calling horrible and if you did you never gave them more than 15 minutes of play. You are set in your ways and when you hold a PS3 controller you feel lame. Everyone's entitled to their opinion. I just wish people would not give that opinion until they've experienced titles they're giving their opinion on. For me your so call awesome game L4D is alright. I played it with a friend that loves it and I thought it was alright. I can see why some people would like it but personally I'd take Resistance 2 CO-OP mode over L4D they are both quite similar. As for you throwing out Ratchet & Clank without even trying it shows how close minded you are. The only reason R&C doesn't get high scores everywhere is because very little of the core game play has changed over the years. Although with the PS3 versions you can basically play it as a 3rd person shooter with guns that level up if you change the control scheme.

JBaby3433277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

You're going to say those things about PS3 games but then get all excited about pretty weak 360 games. Crackdown was the only game you listed that was really worth anything. We'll see about L4D2 but that doesn't look overly fantastic. If you can't find anything positive about the PS3 besides "Uncharted 2 - Great Game" then you sound a lot like a fanboy. Also let it go with the 360 controller. A lot of people don't like it so your "hands down" statement doesn't stand. You can't be serious about Killzone 2 either. The feel of it is amazing.

HDgamer3277d ago

L4D is pc exclusive, sorry but the mods and other stuff far times better than a port.

K__L__U__T__C__H3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Yes i am a 360 fanboy, just like 80% of the people on n4g are ps3 fanboys. Its all opinions and i love my 360 and games. We could keep sit here and argue all day, but i'll deliver a cheap shot and the facts remain the same. The 360 is still beating the ps3 by quite abit and the big bad ps3 slim and price cut isn't doing much for it. Also most 360 exclusives outsell the ps3's 2 to 1, so to the general public the 360 is better. Now i don't want to here but this and but that, thats straight facts. So play on people, because the 360 has huge fanbase and its still growing and will be competing with ps3 for along time.

sikbeta3277d ago

"360 has the best games says Xbox LIVE boss"

Check it out by yourselves

soxfan20053277d ago

He is just using the same tactic that PS3 fans do when it comes to 360 games.

How many people here criticize EVERY 360 exclusive, now & upcoming, but give EVERY PS3 exclusive the benefit of the doubt, or treat them if they are all perfect?

The Wood3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

true,. Definitely goes both ways. Doesnt mean he/we have to get caught up. Im not gunna knock something i aint played but many do. A simple question was too much for him to answer THEN the realness came out with his 'opinion' it was funny though as i actually thought he was just doing a 'breakfast' ar well. Swings and roundabouts anyway. I remember when this site was inundated with 360 fanboys.....its good that some still have the heart to stay/fight now that the tables have turned;)

anyway each to their own. Ill never take this stuff too seriously. As ive stated before sony or MS dont care about our lives so most things on n4g are just in gest, spikey as it may be its just fun sometimes.....anyhow back to the game of the year:) (not l4d2)

Halo3 MLG Pro3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

I know it's hard to believe here but everybody has their own preference and opinion. Everybody is throwing around their Sony lists well for me I only have interest in playing 2 games for the ps3 this year and that's Uncharted 2 and Demon's Soul. Ratchet and Clank and Fat Princess is not my style, Don't like MLB'09 or baseball for that matter, Killzone 2 was just straight boring with bad controls, and Infamous looks like a good game. The 360 on the other hand gave me some great games this year. Halo Wars gave me a great new genre to play with. Forza 3!!!! Being called the best vehicle sim ever. Left 4 Dead 2??? Oh yeah, love me some zombie shooting. Halo ODST? Gamepro has called it the best Halo ever. I personally am hooked on firefight the most. Shadow Complex??? Best downloadable game of 2009. Not to mention the countless multiplatform games that still out perform the ps3.

So what's the problem sony boys? I'm happy with my 360 gaming, why aren't you?

Microsoft Xbox 3603277d ago

GT5P sold at "full" retail price? Take off your blind fanboy goggles because GT5P was sold at $40 brand new from the very first day.

Kaneda3277d ago

If this is what they think. I feel sorry for 360 owners.

mal_tez923277d ago

I'm pretty sure that,
Killzone 2,
LittleBig Planet,
Resistance: FoM,
Resistance 2,
Ratchet and Clank (ToD, QfB, and the new ACiT),
Wipeout HD,
Demon's Souls,
and best of all, Uncharted: DF & Uncharted 2: AT,
all say otherwise.

Compared to: Halo 3, Gears of War 2 (not 1 as it's on PC), Forza 3 and Fable 2. That's all I can think of now but tell me if I misssed any.

Saaking3277d ago

PS3 has UC2 and LBP both rated higher than ANYTHING on the 360. Ps3 has the best games, FACT.

Jaces3277d ago

It's hard to compare a current gen Forza to a last gen GT.

And for the last time, GT5 Prologue was a glorified demo. Wait till the real deal comes out next year before you start comparing.

I honestly don't see what makes Forza that much better to surpass GT5. but not enough to pull it ahead...uh rewind feature? Yea no. Graphics wise it's already been beaten and the game isn't even done yet!

But it's your opinion, no point in trying to sway you. ;P

Greywulf3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Need For speed was out before Forza.
Sega GT was out before Forza.
Enthusia was out before Forza.
TEst Drive was out before forza.
Toca & other Codemasters titles were out before Forza.

Those all compare the same way Forza compares to GT. They don't.

You haven't a single clue what you're talking about. GT is on top because its the best sim on consoles. Which is why it sells more than Forza. 360 owners aren't interested in driving games unless it comes with dual-wield golden guns.

Forza isn't competition with GT. GT is in competition with itself.

The gaming media is off to try to spur some Forza vs GT association, but one is a household name, and one is just known by people who can't afford to get a PS3.

You don't see GT trying to compare itself to a game with 7 cars in 720p with low detail vehicles, because PD doesn't have too. They are too busy debuting ferrari's new vehicles in their game demos.

Why didn't Ferrari debut their ferrari california in Forza2?

Why isn't Citroen designing a super car with Turn10?

Why isn't greenwalt winning races on nurburgring?

All you guys are the same, you clinch onto everything but actual gameplay. The only reason PS3 fans are excited for games scoring well is because it shuts down nonsensical arguments that scores = game quality. We beat you guys at your own pathetic game. Scores have nothing to do with the success of a franchise, say hi to nintendogs.

soxfan20053277d ago

Let me repeat your exact words with a new game, and see how it sounds.

"Halo 3:ODST is on top because it's the best shooter on consoles. Which is why it sells more than Killzone 2."

Still think that makes sense now??

Gantrfaxx3277d ago

I guess he wanted to say that the Pc has the best X360 games.

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NateNater3278d ago

Well of course he's going to say something like that. He's only the boss of XBL!

mattygamefreak3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

It's his job to be ignorant.

Halo 3 - 94
Gears of War 2 - 93
Forza Motorsport 3 - 92

Uncharted 2 Among Thieves - 97
Little Big Planet - 95
Metal Gear Solid 4 - 94

Super Mario Galaxy - 97
Legend of Zelda The Twilight Princess - 95
Super Smash Bros.Brawl - 93

Top 3 Exclusives of all 3 systems taken from Metacritic.

Edit: I didn't count Gears of War 1 as it is a PC title also. But it is a 94.

XKRUCI83278d ago

I really don't get how meta critic reviews matter. All three systems have their own good exclusives. PS3 and 360 both having many multi-plats. Reviews are opinions and liking a particular consoles exclusives over the others is also opinion; opinion isn't fact. Can't people be real gamers and play all games?

Can't those who like Gran Turismo, also purchase, play and like Forza? Come on.

WHY DO PEOPLE GIVE A DAMN WHICH CONSOLE IS BETTER SO MUCH? What's it do for you to have one console as the winner of the 'console war'?


Anon19743278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

I'm all for Metacritic scores. Use them often myself when I'm deciding which games get my money, but I agree that at this stage in the game both consoles have enough highly rated titles to keep any gamer happy.

Do a few games that have a metacritic score a couple points higher really matter?

Personally, I think things like free online, blu-ray, divx playback, not needing addons for things like wireless or battery packs, hardware reliability all trump the actual game selection of either console at this point.

Both systems are bringing or have brought the games already. If you're going to argue one consoles merits over the other, at this point the games are too close to make a convincing argument in my opinion.

JonnyBigBoss3278d ago

"Uncharted 2 Among Thieves - 97
Little Big Planet - 95
Metal Gear Solid 4 - 94 "

I'll take those 3 games over any other top 3 rated games on any console ever made. Seriously, MGS4 has already given me over 250 hours, UC2 has already given me 60 hours and LBP already has given me over 120 hours.

Gandalf3278d ago

Really? What've you been playing on your 360 then?