OXM UK: GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony Review

OXM UK writes: "The gold-plated Uzi comes close, but this game's true signature weapon is the explosive shotgun.

If you fire it into a lamppost, you'll bring it down. If you fire it at the front of a car, the vehicle deforms as if you've driven it into a tree. If you fire it at the policeman who objects to this, he's carried a surprising distance. It's completely over the top, startlingly violent, and huge fun to mess around with. Welcome to the world of Gay Tony."

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deadreckoning6663280d ago

C'mon PS3 fanboys. Do what ur trained to do and downplay this lol

deadreckoning6663280d ago

This is what GTA4 shula been.


i bought GTA and trade that sucker in in 2 days . now what loser. i paid the full 60 and got ripped off. Now why the fk would i want to play the role of a freakin HOMO...