G4TV Exclusive Heavy Rain Interview: Quantic Dream's David Cage Featuring New Gameplay Footage

G4TV writes: "Attempting to sell a game with no shooting or jumping is going to be a tall order for David Cage, co-CEO of Quantic Dream and writer/director of the forthcoming Heavy Rain. In an industry ruled by modified rifles, plastic instruments, and -- increasingly -- zombies, a dark investigation into a serial killer and interpersonal relationships doesn't make for good back-of-the-box marketing material. But that seems to be a secondary concern to Cage, who is far more interested in how we feel as human beings while playing his game, beyond the instant gratification of eliminating foes...morals, instead of morters. We asked him about Heavy Rain's marketability, sexuality, and the proper balance of interaction and cinematics. (Questions by Patrick Klepek and Sterling McGarvey)."

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Hanif-8763278d ago

Heavy Rain is second on my list of games to get in 2010, after Gran Turismo 5. This game is truly something unique and innovative. Furthermore, there is hardly anything like this on the market today and the graphics and gameplay looks like a generation ahead in which i thought that the current consoles couldn't handle but after all its exclusive to the PS3 so what was i thinking!

Redempteur3274d ago

The graphics are great ... but thats' hardly the main point of the game ...

HR is shaping to be a unique experience ..and that's what i want to play ...

Raoh3278d ago

Isn't this old footage? sometime in the summer?

Sevir043278d ago

even from this bad quality video. i cant wait to play it.