Brütal Legend: A Love Story

Edge: Brütal Legend slagged my heart. I was ready for solos that shred, men that shriek, and monsters with teeth where they should have had faces. I was ready to dig the jokes and hate the gameplay. But nobody told me that Brütal Legend's a love story. (Oh and hey: spoilers follow. So go play the game. It's epic.)

The hero of Brütal Legend, super-roadie Eddie Riggs, finds himself shot back in time to a primordial era where mankind suffers under the chokehold of demons, while the relics of metal – handed down by the Titans, and not, like I was taught, Satan – lay buried and forgotten. Only the power of metal music can free humanity, and only by offing superdemon Deviculus can Eddie start the revolution.

But truth be told, beating Deviculus barely mattered to me. I did it all for a girl.

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