Gamasutra Interview: Nexon's Min Kim on Console Games, Counter-Strike, 'Bubble Babies'

Nexon is continuing to make headway in the U.S. Last year saw its successful Combat Arms launch, and this year, and this year it's bringing Dungeon Fighter Online from Neople, the developer it recently acquired.

The company has several more products up its sleeve, but still considers itself to be feeling out the market in the U.S. We spoke with Nexon America VP Min Kim about a wide range of topics, from Counter-Strike Online's viability in the U.S. to the state of Nexon's console initiatives, to the closure of the company's North American development studio in Vancouver.

Perhaps most interestingly, Kim stated that the company is currently not interested in tackling the high end MMORPG market and going head to head with WoW or Aion. The company views services like Club Penguin and others as feeder services or gateways to Nexon's products, which will pay dividends in around five years time.

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