Zelda Shield and Sword Accessories released

If you've already played Twilight Princess, then looking back on the experience you may well reflect that the action, the emotion, and the immersion were all superb – but could have been even better if only you'd had an actual sword and shield with which to strike and block during Link's frantic on-screen battles. And, if you've yet to play Twilight Princess, then the mere prospect of entering a game world more authentically armed might just be the draw you've been waiting for.

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PhinneousD4796d ago

haha what? this crap again?
be prepared for some dents in your walls and nearby furniture.

scarlett_rg4796d ago

Geez! No wonder people think the Wii is a gimmick with garbage like this coming out for it.

Stupid 3rd parties trying to profit off the Wii's success. Give it a rest already!

The Panther4796d ago

I think this new sword and shield combo are great because they follow the wii phylosophy of being more imersed into games, this is a day one purchase for me as I will finaly be able to live out my fantasys in Hyrule and have the most authentic gaming experience currently available on any platform.

MySwordIsHeavenly4796d ago

I've been borrowing Zelda:TP for the past couple of days...and I really don't think these accesories would help at all. The sword-fighting isn't like "strike to the left, it hits left" It's more like "swing the wii-mote, and he'll do a sword move" It's not like the wii-mote IS link's sword...although I'm sure they'll do that in the next one.

Yeah, it's a good game...but game of the year? I'm pretty sure everyone was stoned...