A Holiday Season for the Ages writes - "This year's holiday lineup in the video game world is one I'm sure we will all look back on as the best in quite some time. Not just because of the number of blockbuster titles but the quality of them. We are looking at two titles-NEW Super Mario Bros. Wii and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2-that's predecessors have a history of outstanding review scores and sales. Also, two sequels-Left 4 Dead 2 and Assassins Creed 2-that are looking like they will take their franchises to the next level. But wait there's more"


In the article I have added Uncharted 2, Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time and Forza 3. I didnt include them initially because they are already out.

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thedisagreefairy3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

leave out uncharted 2, forza 3, and ratchet and clank

but with all these games mentioned (including the 3 i added) this is a great holiday that has a game for everyone

xTHRASHx3276d ago

i am talking about upcoming games

thedisagreefairy3276d ago

"holiday season for the ages" u should include all the big games for this holiday.

u could of mentioned "recently released" games somewhere to help add to your article.

otherwise i enjoyed it. good job.