AMD set to increase Radeon HD 5800 prices?

Ever before AMD launched its Evergreen series, we knew the allocation numbers for the ATI 4800 and 5000 series - and the numbers didn't look good. If the recent rumors about AMD laying off more staff in 1Q 2010 come true, we cannot view them as anything else but a company who has failed to supply enough products to the market.

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Nihilism3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

It's not a good time to be buying pc hardware, i7 prices just shot up too, here in aus the price went from $350 to $400 for the i7 920 ( the phasing out has begun)

commodore643373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )


what are you talking about?
i7 920 $348

In addition, a kik ass gaming system can be had for AMAZINGLY low prices:

cpu: i5 750 $242
Mobo: GB p55 ud3 $139
hdd: 1 TB $99
GPU: AMD 4890 $216

Have a look:

In fact, the appreciation of the Aussie dollar will make continued imports of manufactured goods into Australia even cheaper for Aussie consumers.

Economics 101, dude.

Nihilism3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

what the hell are you talking about, i just said the price in AUS!!!, and they have gone up in price, intel have said since before they launched the 940 i7's that they would phase them out at the end of the year, I have a better pc than what you just posted so don't try to tell me how it is idiot, i know how much parts cost, the price of i7 920 and 940 is going up because intel are phasing them out and there is a high demand/low supply, later this year or early next year the gt300 will come out forcing the price of all gt200 cards, 4000 and 5000 series cards down, so yes right now is a bad time to buy

It is also cheaper to buy pc parts from aus as apposed to importing, the price difference/cost of importing does not balance out.

AUS= australia, really, that's news to me, as an australia i never knew that, thanks for sharing........

the exchange rate doesn't make parts cheaper elsewhere.... because... wait for has raised the price and the price is going up everywhere, the only difference is the small exchange rate difference (aus dollar= 91 US cents), BUT as i said the cost of importing costs more than the the lower price US hardware/exchange rate difference

Common Sense 101, learn it. If the hardware cost+ importing cost= more than the cost to buy the same hardware in AUS...why would I you need me to phonetically spell everything i have just written for you...make it easier to digest?

I'm 23 dumbass, and your wrong, prices have been going up, and not just in aus, the exchange rate rising does not significantly lower the price, as it stands even if the aus dollar was on par with the US, the price would go down by less than 10%, BUT, as i have said time and time again, the price has gone up by about 20% for the i7's, and has also gone up for the 5000 series cards, the cost to import is massive, shipping costs alone make the saved money from importing null. I also said that the gt300 nvidia cards will come out, driving the price of the gt200, 4000 and 5000 series cards down, as well as the amd six core cpu's due in q1 which will drive the prices of all competing intel processors down is a bad time to buy
2.prices HAVE been going up
3.your an idiot

commodore643373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

What are you talking about dchalfont?

AUS = Australia

In Australia prices have been falling and the exchange rate has been appreciating.
Maybe you are talking about a different place?
Where is the AUS you are talking about?

----------------------------- ----------

so I have:

- established that you are indeed talking about Australia.
- shown that you are wrong about current PC prices in Australia, with a link to a nationwide Australian supplier.
- explained that the falling exchange rate makes Australian imported goods cheaper for australian consumers

... yet you continue with your rubbish?

FYI, ALL the goods that you have in your computer were at one stage IMPORTED into Australia by the shop/supplier that sold them to you.

It is not necessary for you to import the individual goods yourself to be an Australian consumer consuming IMPORTED goods, because the supplier imported them for you, in the first place.

Of course, you just pay the consumer street price in Australia, which, incidentally is CHEAP, thanks to the appreciating $AU exchange rate, just like i said.

You are 12 years old, right?
Please, please stay in school, kid.
Please... for the sake of Australia's future.
----------------------------- -----------------


WHAT? You are 23?

I have just PROVEN to you that you are wrong about Australian PC prices.
The i7 920 is at the lowest price it has EVER been here.
PC prices are amazingly affordable in Australia, like they have NEVER been before.

Please stop dchal.
Stop NOW.
I am feeling sorry for you, now.

Nihilism3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

and look at the prices on

2 examples of places that usually sell cheap hardware, both of them have gone from the $350 mark to 400 in the last few days, your seedy newspaper cliping-esque pdf doesn't prove ****, the prices are going up everywhere

commodore643372d ago


oh gawd
The price list i have shown you is a NATIONWIDE retail chain from which computer shops source their supplies!
Ergo: It's where the professionals shop for PC parts

If you buy at a higher price, then you are getting ripped off and, strangely, you seem to be proud of it!

I don't ignore people, as a rule.
But for you, i am now making an exception.

You have set a new low, dude.
Educate yourself.

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PotNoodle3373d ago

They are. In the UK ATI just added an extra £20 on to all 5800 cards.

JsonHenry3373d ago

Glad I bought mine couple weeks ago!

Farsendor13373d ago

well the amd 5870 has been 399 on amazon for a while now. to be honest i thought that was always the price never knew it went up in price. anyways people should just wait on the 5900 series or see what nvidia offers then compare. almost made the mistake of buying the 5870 before i noticed that really its not such a great leap.

mortalrage3373d ago

Got mine for 379. Glad I got all my upgrades done. Usually in the past when I got upgrades prices go down, or on sale. Looks like my timing was good this time around. I have been happy with my great leap.

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