Official PlayStation Magazine – Review Scores (UK) [December: Issue 38]

The PS3 releases this month have been as strong as ever, and fortunately the great games are still flooding in for Christmas time. This month's OPM reviews the greatly anticipated Italian stealth simulator, FIFA's ugly sister, the epitome of the PlayStation fighting genre, a game where you ferociously make flailing arm movements at your TV to cater for your "virtual pet" (yeah right, you crazy man) and many more. Hit the jump for the latest scores.

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LarVanian4345d ago

Assassins Creed 2 and A Crack in Time both got 9/10.
In my opinion OPMUK are always nearly spot on with their scores (excluding GTAIV).
Really looking forward to playing both these games (As well as MW2) on Christmas day.

STEVIE_4345d ago

Agreed, they are just about the only publication I can trust. They've been pretty much spot on with every score.

raztad4345d ago

Well R&C is a given, Insomniac said ACiT is the best ever. I dont care about R&C reviews anymore game is already mine, HOWEVER ACII needs to prove itself. This review and some reviews impressions from OXM make me think ACII could be a great game this time.

ACII, Dragon Age Origins are the multiplat games to have for me. Lets see how they perform.

va_bank4345d ago

Couldn't agree more. I'll probably get ACII, but no way I'm picking it up on day one.

ThanatosDMC4345d ago

One great thing they added and listened to fans on AC2 is the idea of buying your equipment with money. However i hope that means other things can be bought by money and we can have assassin missions that's not in the main quest and have an infinite amount of mission that doesnt get too old.

I hate it when we've done everything in a game and theres nothing else to do but walk around the city.

The_Devil_Hunter4345d ago

Why what did they give GTAIV?

LarVanian4345d ago

They gave GTAIV a 10/10. IMO that game is 7/10.

mal_tez924345d ago

Espetially when they are the same game that was released a year ago with like 5 new features. For example, I will probably never understand why people will fork over good money for FIFA 10, when they can almost get the exact same thing in FIFA 09, for a whole lot cheaper.

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Milky4345d ago

Ratchet and Clank and GTA: Chinatown Wars will be the first games I get when I find some money.

va_bank4345d ago

I REALLY want Chinatown Wars, but I promised myself I won't get it until I finish Vice City Stories first :) I got a long way to go in that game still....

red2tango4345d ago

Can't wait for Assassin's Creed 2

000000000000000000014345d ago

It a real flood all right, I guess my PS3 won't get much use, because I could care less about any of those. I'm still waiting for a good RPG. That's the main reason I purchased a PS3 in the first place.

Noctis Aftermath4345d ago (Edited 4345d ago )

Dragon age origins is out at the start of Nov, i for one will be buying it.

Here's a link to a review of it

Also have you tried Demon's souls? that is a great action-WRPG, the only problem you might have is getting used to dying as it is hard but really enjoyable.

Demon's souls review:

Esena4345d ago

Although I am glad I bought demon's souls, it tends to get fairly repetitive toward the end. But I am pumped to start a new game +. I think it is a fine game, but maaaaaybe receiving a bit too high praise.

Tex1174345d ago

Essena: Are you tinkering with your stats? I didn't think the game was repetitive at all. Each level has a different design concept, and different battle tactics work better in different places.

The soul grinding can get repetitive, but thats why they call it grinding.

I played through almost once, took a 3 day break to beat Uncharted 2, and then finished up Demon's Souls. I never thought it got repetitive.

Then I started New Game+. They aren't kidding...Its harder. No room for any mistakes. This is one of my favorite games this generation.

Host Samurai_4345d ago

No desire for AC2. The AC1 is one of the worst games I played this gen.

redsquad4345d ago

Good to hear my extreme dislike of AC isn't unique. I found it pure tedium from start to finish with every mission seeming so repetetive. Definately not interested in looking into part two.

riksweeney4345d ago

I agree, when I noticed that it was just the same "complete these 3 sub quests out of a variety of 6" I didn't bother exploring the world and just rattled through it. Won't be getting the sequel even though I found the ending intriguing.

Host Samurai_4345d ago

There is just something about the AC universe that just seems boring and drab. I have no interest in these settings

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