1.80 Firmware: Sorry PAL, No Backwards-Compatability Relief

Not that pertinent to Americans, but PAL PS3 owners hoping for some kind of update to the PS3's backwards compatability list with the release of the 1.80 firmware are shit outta luck. Kotaku contacted SCEE to see if any games would either be added to the list, or at least have their status changed, and were told:

"This upgrade focused on upscaling and there were no significant backward compatibility enhancements. As we have pointed out on many occasions, our engineer's focus is now on innovative applications and services for PS3 and not B/C, so you are not going to see major changes in future updates."

They think now is about the time to give up hoping for any significant additions to that BC list. Hope you all held onto your PS2s.

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xfrgtr4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

1200 PS2 GAMES ARE BACKWARD COMPATIBLES.Please,xbox fanboys,stop crying, Jealousy is destructive.

gta_cb4751d ago

firstly i dont own an Xbox1, but i do own a Xbox 360. i DO own a PS2, and i hope i will be able to get a PS3 sometimes late this year or early next year. and when i do get a PS3, i really do hope i will be able to play all my PS2 games as i have soo many. and i would like to because its always nice to go back and play one of the original in a series etc.

oh and "Please,xbox fanboys,stop crying, Jealousy is destructive." ... there isnt anyone especially Xbots complaining, starting flamewars.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4751d ago

So don't tip the boat you might drown with that foot stuck in your mouth.

Silverwolf4751d ago

When a company does a great firmware release. And you don't talk about how good it is. But you do focus on what's missing!! typical Kotaku crap, the same web site that firmly believes in "freedom of speech" but won't let you post a comment unless it's approved by them.

ITR4751d ago

Not having backward compatibility in Europe is just plain wrong.
Kotaku is critical of the Wii and the 360 as well.

"won't let you post a comment unless it's approved by them."
Maybe thats because your comments can be considered flame bait material.

N4G flames up daily. Joystiq thrives on the flames.

N4G needs a Fire Marshal.

DrWan4751d ago

whatever, i am happy with the update, you guys can say whatever u want. If upscaling old games isn't a step towards enhancing my backward compatibility, i don't know what is..

they have a list of "do to list", they will eventually get to the BC games when they have gone through the more important stuff.

I would like to ask all UKers, would you like 1.80 that has a bunch of BC update or would you like this current one?? you choose..the engineers can only do so much at a time.

techie4751d ago

TBH there are hardly any games out of the list now. After the last update, I had a look at the list and they added all the games I thought were missing. Like Ratchet and Clank, all the Jaks, ICO, the prince of persias. Everything I wanted. I believe it just messed up MGS3 a little...lets hope that comes soon. But really the coverage is pretty good (about 80% PS2, 95% including ps1 games)

fenderputty4751d ago

Sony just released the BEST update yet. I would sacrifice a couple compatible games so that the rest of my games were smoother and looked better. DVD/Media streaming/RGB/TRUE WHITE/ ETC ETC. This is just negative spin on what was otherwise a wonderful thing.

Biphter4750d ago (Edited 4750d ago )

Wipeout Fusion (which stopped working in 1.7) Works again
And Eye toy Chat works now!

Now my whole collection of PS1 and PS2 games work (approx 25 PS2 and 20 PS1) apart from Vib-Ribbon, it crashes at the start of level 1.

Sony are still working on BC, but there can't be that many games left now anyway. All the big guns are covered.

Raist4751d ago

They should stop smoking crack.

Many games that weren't working do now.

MGS2 or ZOE2 for instance

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The story is too old to be commented.