OXM: Tekken 6 review

Tekken on console has always been about much more than two characters battering the snot out of each other. Tekken 6 keeps that tradition going.

The Scenario mode is a Streets Of Rage-inspired scrolling brawler, where two of you team-up to smash your way through generic identikit enemies and a boss, plucked from the Tekken 6 roster. The controls are clumsy, the levels are unimaginative and yet it's strangely enjoyable.

The most complete fighting game available

* Very, very easy to play
* Looks absolutely stunning
* Plenty of extras to unlock
* Online play, at long last
* Will appeal to almost everyone


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Delta3373d ago

Anyone who has this game can you confirm if the online is laggy or not?

callahan093373d ago

"Online play, at long last"

What does that mean? Every fighting game these days has online play, and Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection has online play, so why is it "at long last"?

djee3373d ago

its the first time you can play tekken online on an xbox

callahan093373d ago

It's also the first time you can play Tekken at all on an Xbox, so I don't see why the online part is "at long last."