Gamereactor: Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time Review

Thomas Blichfeldt writes:

"There are tough "Gladiator Challenges", Zoni hunts with rocket powered roller skates and a slightly harder difficulty level that will force even the most experienced players will have to replay some sections a few times. As if this wasn't enough it is also the longest and most action packed Ratchet & Clank game to this date, especially if you suffer from a compulsion to collect items and want every trophy.

If you were hoping for a brand new direction for the Ratchet & Clank series you will no doubt be disappointed. But if you longed for a game that returned to some of its previous strength and brings lots of comedy, action and hours of challenges you are in for a great time."

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Milky3278d ago

This is a GOTY contender in my opinion.

drdistracto7073278d ago

with UC2 and KZ2 in the mix!!!!

The Wood3278d ago

infighting for every award going

andron3278d ago

Ratchet & Clank is one of my favourite series and this one looks great.

Wonder what they will do with it now? Is the series over for good or will they make something different with it?

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darthv723278d ago

I liked it even though it was all Clank and no rachet. Graphically I can see some improvements compared to FToD. Getting this game when I get the chance (and some $$$).

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Pennywise3278d ago

Cry over an 8.7? Thats higher than anything you have in this genre.

nycredude3278d ago

Bots are deluded. They think if a game doesn't get 9s across the board and sell 15,000,000 copies day one then it's a flop.

Oh wait.. what did ODST average?

raztad3278d ago

I'm confused is the same gamereactor?

That UC2 review is ridiculous, clearly a hit seeking review and it goes against the consensus.

rucky3278d ago

Reviewer is Thomas B!tchfeldt. Regardless whether it's gamereactor sweeden, norway or whatever, it's still the same person.

raztad3278d ago

OK. It's all good. Gamereactor is not affecting my purchase decisions in any way, but I can understand some people reactions in front of the UC2 review. It was pretty off.