Grand Theft Auto IV demo dissected

It was a hotel room in San Francisco, very much like thousands of others, but with one big difference: This hotel room contained three GamesRadar editors, two representatives from Rockstar, and one Xbox 360 debug unit running a demo version of Grand Theft Auto IV....

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TheXgamerLive4584d ago (Edited 4584d ago )

I was always pissed at how many bldg.s we couldn't just enter into and see what's going on. I always hoped they do it better, same w/spiderman, having a huge city and only a few places to go into kinda sucked but just maybe they've solved that dilema, of course this wasn't proof, we'll see that when an actual playable demo comes out on Xbox live/playstation to play for real.

It would also be cool if a passer by was talking on their cell about a deal going down and you follow them on that and maybe take the goods for yourself after the deal, could open up alot more doors in the game to so to speak.

A smaller environment could actually seem quite larger if we really have access to a greater majority of the buildings and can maybe even climb them ala Assasins Creed. RockStar please don't let us dowm, btw, it's ok if ya bring back Tommy.....Tommy man you gonna love this:)

Gone is the cartoon graphics....finally!!!

gta_cb4584d ago

i can tell your excited lol,

i have faith its going to be a good game, even if one version (Xbox 360/PS3) is better then the other.

nirwanda4584d ago

Rockstar use the 360 version to showcase their most important valuable franchise to a multi-format website just like they did with multi-format mag game informer so it looks like rockstar know which version currently is the best

gta_cb4584d ago

interesting really, as yeh normally they would show and advertise things etc on the most important system as theres more money to make if it looks/ plays better on that system, but then there has been news/rumours about it being limited or something on the Xbox 360 (cant remember to much news this month lol) so i am not going to say yeh i totaly agree etc as i dont want a flamewar, but yeh it deffinatly is interesting.

gta_cb4584d ago

just a thought, MAYBE there isnt going to be a demo for the PS3?..... with the smaller install base etc, it would make more sence to only release a demo on the Xbox 360 with the larger install base so they can get back to the game making/ pollishing etc.

ShAkKa4583d ago

or maybe they don`t want to show the ps3 version now so the 360 fans don`t feel like they are getting screw up.

nirwanda4584d ago

at this stage in the development for a game this size there will allway's be a playable build in one form or another to test the engine and various other stuff like test A.I. look at mass effect they had a pre alpha build up and running at E3 last year or the lost planet demo on the market place.

In edge they used to run a dev diary for heavenly sword even before a format was announced and that was playable even before sony had given them final dev kits also warhark and lair have also been playable for some time.

It will be playable it's just for some reason or another(graphical comparisons/frame rate issues) they have chosen not to show the PS3 version

PS360PCROCKS4584d ago

This game is going to be hard to play after Halo 3. Because I dont think my love obsession will be over in just a month. Gears took me 5 months before I started playing it less.

Hydrolex4583d ago

why they dont show the PS3 version ? w0w do they want to port it from Xbox 360 version ? w0w what a nightmare !! WOWWWWW