REACTION: PS3 Making Long-Awaited Comeback?

Gristle McThornbody at 1up writes: "I didn't realize up until the point when I bought an Xbox 360, how expensive it could be overtime. Considering the Live payments, having to buy a wireless adapter, and the infamous "red ring of death", I'm just all like WTF. Granted, I got mine for hella cheap, I sometimes wonder if it was a really good decision."

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WildArmed3303d ago

lmfao @ picture.
New rocky XD

SL1M DADDY3303d ago

In the end, it is the best value for the buck. It is the least expensive in the long run and produces the best graphics and has free online play. It is the best of all worlds if you ask me.

Genesis53303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

I honestly don't see how people miss the economics of buying a PS3 or a 360. Year 1 PS3 cost $299, year 3 cost $299. 360 year 1 $299($399 if wireless). Year 3 $449($549 if wireless). Plus with the PS3 you get a free BR player.

I don't know $250 dollars seems like quite a big difference to overlook. It seems now like MS might have to look at a new business model.

redgaurd3303d ago

I know right. It's like being in the twilight zone. Im like, am I the only one who can see that this is the best value product on the market?

zeeshan3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

I don't think SONY needs a "comeback". It hasn't even been 3 years since the launch and you can't expect a console to make a comeback when it's already the youngest of the three consoles. Tech-wise, PS3 is going to stay. Even when PS3 was the most expensive console, the sales were going pretty damn smooth. Xbox has had a full year start and they are like what? A mere 6-7 million ahead in US right? That's nothing considering that Xbox360 had a full year headstart, was wayyyy cheaper than PS3 and for a while, had all the best games coming to it back in 2007. Things have really changed since 2007. When all is said and done, PS3 will have beaten Xbox360 worldwide. We already know Xbox360 is dead in Japan and Europe loves their Fifa on PS controllers and not to mention, GT5 will sell like hot cakes in EU and perhaps even in US.

Even if they introduced a Wii-HD and Xbox720 (that'd be a stupid stupid name for a game console), PS3 is powerful enough to stand the competition. The price has started to become more affordable and with all the AAA games coming to PS3 one after another, it'll be damn difficult to put a break on the momentum that Sony has already gained prior to the upcoming holidays.

ChozenWoan3303d ago

Price of Live for various households:
1 gamer X 5 years = $250
2 gamer X 5 years = $500
3 gamer X 5 years = $750
4 gamer X 5 years = $1000

Price of PSN:
1 gamer X 5 years = Free
2 gamer X 5 years = Free
3 gamer X 5 years = Free
4 gamer X 5 years = Free

But wait, MS and Sony has stated that the 360/PS3 will have a minimum of a ten year cycle, so...

1 gamer X 10 years = $500
2 gamer X 10 years = $1000
3 gamer X 10 years = $1500
4 gamer X 10 years = $2000

Price of PSN:
1 gamer X 10 years = Free
2 gamer X 10 years = Free
3 gamer X 10 years = Free
4 gamer X 10 years = Free

Hmmm, well I guess what they say is true...
... you get what you pay for.

As in, it's a shame that the PS3 "Only Does Everything" but bend you over and smacks your wallet!!!

sikbeta3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

"how expensive it could be overtime. Considering the Live payments, having to buy a wireless adapter, and the infamous "red ring of death""

And now you realize, GOD It can't be more obvious, maybe the xbox 360 is cheaper, but then you have to pay for everything else, even for play online :P

"PS3 Making Long-Awaited Comeback"

People is making a comeback to the Playstation Family, PS3 is waiting for you XD

I'm glad to know people are joining to the Real Gamers Crew

ThanatosDMC3303d ago

More and more gamers are converting to the PS3 and Yu Yevon wasnt even involved.

darthv723303d ago

We are only talking 3 years. That isnt really that long considering GT5 has been in development for longer. The phrase "making a long awaited comeback" would make sense if it was something like 10 years. Like Sega entering into the console market would be a good example of long awaited comeback cause it is something like 8+.

Heck even Atari made a long awaited comeback between the 7800 and the jaguar (although...I can say I really wasnt waiting LOL) and it wasnt much of a "comeback". I can see why some would say sony is making a comeback but they never left so the phrase isnt really warranted.

I guess it is just symantics. Maybe we should say sony is on a roll to recovery...make more sense as they are striving to "recover" market share lost.

aftrdark213303d ago

Don't call it a comeback. I've been here for years...

okay sad joke but it makes sense....

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mattygamefreak3303d ago

After you add up all the costs for a 360 to match the capabilities the PS3 has out of the box the 360 cost is greater. As for BC, if you like the PS2 titles so much, keep the PS2 !

I'm not sure what he means about the PS3 not having a strong online community because I never have any issue finding a game for any one of my games. Here in Australia afaik from friends there is barely a 360 community. I'm sure the story is different in America though.

MetalGearRising3303d ago

Well xbox360 isn't for the poor people who can't afford live and what not that's why the poor chose a ps3.

nix3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

let me see... you must be hell-of-a-rich-but-dumb-as-a-b read-roll-guy.

weazel3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

Wow, social commentary too! You truly are a special kind of fu*ktard, that evidently has no clue about social class, financial acumen, quality gaming, the opposite sex, or anything that requires independent formative thoughts or action. You are officially from this point on to be labeled as a 12 year old dunce, dunce, and keep thinking the way that MS tell you to.

N4G king3303d ago

is it me or the xbox is the cheapest console on the market ??

is it me or the PS3 is the console that sold nick ti nick with the 360
at double the price ???

PS3and4_HAS_GAMES3303d ago

that comment makes no sence..when the ps3 was 600 at one point..wasnt xbots complaining that it was too high..sounds like poor bots to me

PS3and4_HAS_GAMES3303d ago

just cause you pay 50 a year for the rest of the 360's life cycle does not mean you have means your a damn retard that chose to pay for something thats free somewhere bots are so dumb its funny

keysy4203303d ago

im not poor and i dont want to pay for live its pointless.

redsquad3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

So I guess that because you own a 360, you're saying you're "rich"? Well, you won't mind when MS put up your online subscription then will you chum?

Personally I go for quality of PS3, not tat. If you think spending money makes for some sort of 'prestige', then I think you DID make the right console choice. Microsoft will love you...

54percent3303d ago

"MetalGearRising - 6 hours ago
1 -
Well xbox360 isn't for the poor people who can't afford live and what not that's why the poor chose a ps3. "

Bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu -bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-but teeehh PS3eesss iz too expenziveee!!11 teh 360 iz for peopulzz with tight economy...

now the PS3 is for poor people right bot?

Theoneneo813303d ago

lmao ps3 is expensive please

lets see ps3 you get online gaming-Free
120 gig hd expandable to.
built in wifi

360 system
wifi adapter 80-100 bucks
online gaming 50 bucks

so your going to pay total a 100 dolars more to get everything you needed... yeah ps3 sounds real expensive. please think before you type.

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J-Train3303d ago

the poor are uneducated and make uneducated decisions. They see the cheaper price of the xbox and go for it without higher thought.

or they are children who can't afford a ps3

DonCorneo3303d ago

it should say: PS Making Unexpected Comeback

the media has been saying the ps3 is teh doomed. it's the next dreamcast. sony should quit the gaming industry. it has no games and they rated the exclusives so low.


now, you are saying that you did not realize how expensive a crapbox is. you must be really daft. sony had a chart that showed that. and you discounted it as propaganda.

and now you are jumping out?

F the media.

ali3123303d ago

Getting a 360 as a neutral gamer isn't the worlds worst decision as it has some great games but that does not mean Microsoft dont know how to rinse things out of us

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