Nintendo Wii and DS life-to date-sales updated

Examiner: The latest fiscal report from Nintendo revealed the latest Life-to-Date sales figures as of the end of September for the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS.

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HolyOrangeCows3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

Worldwide Total: 56.14m
Japan: 8.68m
Americas: 25.99m
Other: 21.48m"

My fellow Americans.....why do you buy such crap?

HolyOrangeCows3303d ago

I'm just curious.
Why would so many people spend $200/$250 for virtual exercise?

Knghtz3303d ago

Because that's what they want?

Just a thought

mint royale3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

'Their loss, I guess'

Oh the irony! I thank god I'm not as stupid as this guy.

Knghtz3302d ago

'Their loss, I guess. '

Lmao good one! You so got them on that one.

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WiiJunkii3303d ago

"Why would so many people spend $200/$250 for virtual exercise"

If you consider capping bi***es in the face with infinitely more precision than a comparable dual analog scheme can offer, virtual exercise; then I guess I just love virtual exercise... Also, it's cheaper. It's games are cheaper. It is home to many unique exclusives and your best bet if you like Mario, Metroid and Zelda.

"Their loss, I guess."

Your loss HolyBovine...

yippiechicken3303d ago

I'll admit that I really like the graphics I get from my PS3 but if there's a multiplatform game that is on the Wii and PS3, as long as they put some decent effort into the graphics for the Wii version, I will pick it up because I think the controls are much better.

Off topic, I wonder what a burger from an orange cow would taste like?