The 49 Best Sequel-Less Games

While store shelves may be glutted with Maddens, Tony Hawks, and Calls of Duty, there are many games that never got a Part 2. Check out the 49 Best Sequel-Less Games!

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Babylonian4579d ago

I'm surprised Body Harvest for the N64 wasn't up there. Now that was a good game. Very creepy, very mystirious, very adventurous, a lot of puzzeling and very hard. Never got to finish it. But damn, I would like to play this again and finish it.

Hope it comes out on the virtual console some day.

sumfood4u4579d ago

RIVER CITY RANSOM~NES, FINAL FANTASY TACTICS~PSONE, not the Remakes either!CHOCOBO RACING~PSONE, ETERNAL CHAMPIONS~GENESIS, CONKER~64 these are a few I can only think of now lol! But I own all these games and play them to this day!

MK_Red4578d ago

1.Its really hard to choose between 1st and 2nd (Grim and Psycho...)

2.The first two games are made by Tim Schafer. Like his games as "Citizen Kane" of gaming, he is "Orson Welles" of game makers or "Hitchcock".

3.Sacrifice, Call Of Cthulhu, The Last Express & Planescape: Torment need a higher place on the list and games like Arcanium, Hounting Grounds and Omikron (From Quantic Dream) need to be added.

4.Aside from River City, all the games on comment above recieved sequels:
FF Tactics is getting remake on PSP and sequel on DS. Eternal Champions had sequel on Sega CD or Saturn and Conker had his sequel on Xbox.

Skizelli4578d ago

The whole time I was browsing the list, I was thinking that Eternal Darkness better be on it. I'm glad it made the 4th spot. That game was one of the best experiences I've ever encountered in my 20 years of gaming.

InMyOpinion4578d ago

Call of Cthulhu is one of the coolest horror games I've ever played. It has excellent atmosphere.

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