Top -The Burn: GameStop

The newest segment by Your Health is Low. The burn is the flaming of things that are going wrong or you just hate in the video game industry.

This Week: GameStop

For being a former employee of this gaming behemoth we can say before we flame them that we loved working for them. Ok yes the management was stupid and tried to blame the employees for their downfalls but that's any job. We loved helping new people who came into the store and wanted to know more about our favorite activity. We would help grandmas, mothers, confused gamers and all in between. We never felt more like we were doing right by our fellow kin. When the customer came in and wanted a used game we told them all of our secrets. Like if you buy any used game at GameStop you have seven days in which to return it for a full refund. What does that mean? Basically a free rental in a sense. You go in get your game, play it for seven days and return it! Well what if we want to play it more than seven days? Then return it and buy it again! We also gave any customers the most clean and nice used disks we had. If they came in and asked for one and we didn't have a good one we didn't sell it to them. We told them to go to another store and demand to see all the used copies of it and you choose the best one. That being said shopping there however is a totally different story. So this week we flame GameStop in hopes that it will one day be better than it is today.

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