12 secret games to be announced in 2010

GamesThirst writes: Going on what we already know, 2010 will be a big year for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Both have exclusives that will keep system owners happy, and then you have the multiplats. That's what we know, but according to Playstation: The Official Magazine, there are eight games that have yet to be announced that we'll see in 2010, we added four more

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WildArmed3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Hitman ( I love this series. I've played the latest one on 360 soo many times and it never gets old!)

Beyond Good & Evil 2 ~ 'nuff said.

Timesplitters 4 ~ but unlikely. Im not gonna hold my breath for this one.

And other games I'd love to see would be:
R3, GR4.

The rest dont hold as much of my interest atm as these.

3 things i dont really want to see:
Killzone 3
Tomb raider part x

I think its too soon for them imo. And hopefully we won't hear about Bioshock 3 anytime soon too lol But they already said that they had alot of Bioshocks to make,so no surprises there.

I wonder what Team Ninja is up to after Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

guitarded773278d ago

Starhawk/Warhawk 2
Whatever they call it LightBox Interactive is working on it for 2010.

Star Wars Battlefront 3
I still can't get the images of the leaked footage out of my head. D-Rod said LA has several SW games being developed internally. Hope one is SWBF3 and I hope they don't screw it up. If they can give us what FR was building, then I think we'll see alot of happy people.

Can't wait for E3 2010 for some big announcements and news!

prabx3278d ago

Announced does not mean released. So if its announced in 2010, dont expect it to release in 2010!

KiRBY30003278d ago

Agent is a PS3 exclusive developped by Rockstar North, aka the team which developped GTA3, Vice City, San Andreas and GT4.

now if they are working on Agent, who is making the GTA4 DLC? i guess that's them, so they paused Agent'd developpement or maybe just a small part of the team made those DLC.

now people are talking about GTA5 in 2010? lol how is that possible? if Rockstar North is making GTA5, they need to finish Agent before. assuming Agent will release in 2010 or even 2011, i dont see how GTA5 could be made before 2011 or 2012.

maybe Rockstar North has become so big that they can work on 2 games at the time? i dont know, this is very confusing.

Ausbo3278d ago

dead space 2 and a new perfect dark or conker game

calis3277d ago

"Hitman ( I love this series. I've played the latest one on 360 soo many times and it never gets old!) "

I am pretty certain Eidos announced a new Hitman in the works.

FACTUAL evidence3277d ago

Bioshock 3(dam bring 2 here already)
Killzone 3 (would like to see what they can do with this)
Resistance 3 (please bring some graphics to my favorite gameplay!!)

Dragun6193277d ago

I'm gonna guess that half of them are PS3 exclusive.

Syphon Filter 5
Twisted Metal
Resistance 3
CyberConnect2 working Title

Madusha3277d ago

well it ain't a secret anymore...

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swiftshot933278d ago

A studio we havent heard from in a while is the team that developed Bioshock, whatever they're working Ill buy day 1 and I know it'll be a master piece just like Bioshock.

With KZ2 out this year, the only development teams that havent released a game for this generation are:

Polyphony Digital (not counting GT5P)
Sony Santa Monica

and of Ico..

WildArmed3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

oh, Bioshock 2 isnt being made by the ssame team as B1?
That is somehting i really didnt want to hear

And seems like 2010 will be the year of those dev teams. I like seeing great games come in waves ^_^ Keeps me happy that console gaming is alive and kicking.

Bilbo653278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

There's still Sony Bend (Siphon Filter) who have to be working on something since Resistance Retribution hopefully a ps3 game.

Theres also Evolution Studios (Motorstorm devs) Starhawk, Twisted Metal

Freak of Nature3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

If Oddworld inhabitants can finally come forward with the game based on their movie "Citizen siege" and Beyond good and evil 2 actually lives,along with anything new from Media Molecule new IP or LBP2, and they join "Last guardian",I may just have to do cartwheels....

kaveti66163278d ago

World At War sold 10 million copies?

Okay, I'm going to do a bit of light math here.

10 million times, let's say 60 bucks because that's how much it cost at Best Buy no more than 2 months ago (I got it for BDay and returned it unopened in exchange for Dead Space and MGS4)

10 mill x 60 bucks = 600 million just for World at War

now Modern Warfare sold like 14 million right?

14 mill x lets say 50 bucks = 700 million

so, the revenue of just those two games, for Activision, was 1.3 billion dollars.

And I wish I had the heart to check out the numbers of the Guitar Hero series, because I believe they're pretty high as well.

And not to mention World of Warcraft which is in part owned by Activision, right?

WildArmed3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Yup, WoW and Starcraft.
Two HUGE franchises that are pretty much larger then life for most people.

How did i forget Diablo >.<

Blizzard have 3 aces under their belt. And all three have their own religion pretty much =/

champ213278d ago

activision still felt the need to increase pricing of for MW2 in all of europe, even though they made so much from the last games.

Activision really has been greedy.

Further coments from koctic, he belives prices for games should be alot higher.

Activision needs to be boycotted.

callahan093278d ago

That's why Activision is the biggest-earning videogame publisher in the world.

Siesser3278d ago

I'm not disagreeing that they're running to the bank lauging giddily, but don't think that they get anywhere close to the full $60. I forget how much the breakdown is as to where each buck out of those 60 goes, but you have a lot of people that get paid and/or make a profit off of that game sale.

Ravage273278d ago

and it will only get worse with Activision jacking up the price of MW2 and 10 million+ COD fans who refuse to play any shooters that don't have the COD name on it.

bunbun7773277d ago

When Activision and Blizzard got in Bed together.....

Rosemary's Baby Anyone?

calis3277d ago

"10 mill x 60 bucks = 600 million just for World at War

now Modern Warfare sold like 14 million right?

14 mill x lets say 50 bucks = 700 million

so, the revenue of just those two games, for Activision, was 1.3 billion dollars."

Doesn't quite work like that.

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Aclay3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

GTA5 being released in 2010 is way too early to me... I'm thinking 2011 at the earliest for a new GTA game, and I'd be surprised if Rockstar released GTA5 along with AGENT the same year anyways.... oh yeah Rockstar, in GTA5 you guys BETTER have near the same amount of content and features that San Andreas had on the disc DAY ONE, I don't care how long it takes.

I think R3 will probably get announced at GDC next year, just like R2 did at GDC 08', and I'm hoping that Killzone 3 gets announced no later than E3 2010.... but there's just no way I can see both getting released in 2010 though.... one of them will definitely be a 2011 title, and I'm leaning heavily towards KZ3.

Considering how fans responded to R2, I wouldn't be surprised if Insomniac decides takes additional time to develop R3 and releases it in 2011 (I hope they do this).

I'm also looking forward to another Hitman game getting announced too, especially since the franchise has yet to hit the PS3 and I had to get the PS2 version of Blood Money.

Freak of Nature3278d ago

My bet would be that R3 will come in Fall 10' and K3 in early 11'.

The Ratchet team may join forces with the North Carolina team for a new IP for Insomniac.Far fetched perhaps,but interesting thought,at least for me.The "rumored act/RPG/platformer?

callahan093278d ago

Insomniac is definitely working on something they want to keep a secret right now. The extra videos you can watch at the Insomniac Moon in A Crack In Time have a lot of concept art and things blurred out in the backgrounds in their offices. They're trying to keep that art secret for now. I'd guess it's probably a new IP, because if it was more Resistance or Ratchet would anybody really be able to tell that the concept art didn't just have something to do with the original Resistance and Ratchet games? If it's a new IP, though, you'd be able to tell a lot from just a couple pieces of concept art, because it wouldn't look like any of their other games before, you'd know they're working on something brand new. I can't wait to hear about it.

Halo3 MLG Pro3278d ago

Rare has a couple of titles coming out and Mistwalker probably has another awesome jrpg for 2010.

callahan093278d ago

Unfortunately you're getting a lot of disagrees because this article, despite the title not mentioning it, is actually based on an article by Playstation: The Official Magazine, so it's only talking about titles coming to the PS3.

Troll_Police3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Rare?! Rare has become a complete joke. No one takes them serious anymore. Those titles you speak of better not be Killer Instinct 3, because you know they'll only screw it up like they did with Perfect Dark Zero.

Ausbo3278d ago

how do you police trolls when you yourself are a sony troll?

Just a thought. And i agree with MLGpro

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