E3 Schedule MS goes first, Sony goes last and speculations

This year's E3 will be held in a smaller at Santa Monica, California. It looks like this year, journalists will get a better coverage of MSFT for the single day schedule. There will be alot of running around for Nintendo and Sony in that 2 hrs of allotted time. In the past, these companies have started their conference later than the schedule in order to cause the journalists to be unable to attend the other's conference. Hopefully this year will be handle better!

Microsoft will be showing off Halo 3 and their exclusive titles for sure, and alot of fans are looking forward to extra titles that they managed to "steal" from Sony.

Sony will be showing off their rather impressive lines of first party exclusive (Gamer's day plus a few more) and of course, Killzone 2. Sony may possibly show off a few 3rd party exclusive as well as their plans for the PSP or PSP2 (if we are lucky, but I think it's a little too soon, maybe in 2 years).

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Robotz Rule4577d ago

I'm SOO EXITED for Halo 3 and Killzone 2wa!

Lord Anubis4577d ago

you should have not used the report story button to send me a message, who ever wrote the piece of blog must have been a kid. The vocab used was just rather silly. The schedule we all knew.

DrunKao4577d ago

What has you more excited for Killzone 2? The CG or the... nevermind.

achira4577d ago (Edited 4577d ago )

drunkao what make you so excited about halo3? the beta ? lol.
edit: bloodmask the first killzone had better graphics then halo, so what is your problem ? and by the way the game was cool.

FadeToBlack4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

Obviously wacking off to so much of that anime porn has made you too cross eyed to tell the difference between anything.

The BS Police4576d ago

Of course it had better graphics than Halo 1.

Ignorant Fanboy4576d ago

Both of these will be the most played shooters for my two consoles.

Mainly due to the fact that the lobbys will fill up fast, and there will be alot of trash talking, I love it.

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DrWan4577d ago

I have no doubt that Killzone 2 will be better than Halo3 BETA (remember it's beta) graphically, since Resistance graphics are better than Halo3 beta IMO.

But how the game play holds up will determine the outcome ultimately, i really hope both games do well bc i am planning to buy both of them. I will probably pick up Killzone if it gets over 8.0, I am hoping for a 9.0 ish though.

Bloodmask4577d ago

Did you buy killzone? I did...and by the way it sucks. Resistance is a good game though. I'm just curious how you come to the conclusion that because you think that Resistance(made by insomniac) has better graphics than Halo 3, that Killzone(made by Guerilla) will have better graphics. Yeah, two totally different development teams, two totally different games. Probably two totally different art stlyes. You do realize the first killzone was average at best......Nonsense

bootsielon4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

It looked promising, it had great graphics. Too bad its glitches, or the PS2, hurt its potential. It was ahead of its time. Let-s hope Guerrilla can pull something much better.

And by the way, how the hell did Bloodmask get 6 bubbles?!!?

After posting FUD about how he is supposedly a "developer" (He is not; he copy pasted information that is, in the best of the cases, 90% false). N4G strictly says that if you post FALSE information, your comments will be downgraded.

I don't trust N4G's rating system, since many N4G readers are morons.


Woops, he's back to 5 now. I guess it's a matter of time till people realize he is a spammer, and ends up with 1 bubble.

sonarus4577d ago

Hopefully killzone delivers the PS3 needs more FPS. I am still hoiping for more content for E3. Gamers day got me all excited for the PS3 again

gta_cb4576d ago

yeh i hope with E3 being a bit smaller this year there wont be any less news. i am hoping for alot of great news.

Apocalypse Shadow4577d ago

as for killzone for ps3,i expect it to totally blow halo3 out of the water graphically in physics,animation,AI and length.even though halo 3 will sell more to love cell and bluray tech though.

i expect sony to be innovative.

i expect nintendo to be innovative.

i expect microsoft to play it safe as always.but keep spending that money on aquiring old third party games bad sony's making new ones along side already established sony made hits.

CG4576d ago

Get off the drugs man!!!

elliot_4576d ago

í totally agree with you:)

m$ has money no ideas...

Apocalypse Shadow4577d ago (Edited 4577d ago )

fix this site n4g.