Riddick on the Record

With Sierra Entertainment's announcement that it would be releasing a remade version of its critically-acclaimed Xbox title, Chronicles of Riddick, IGN had a list of questions almost immediately. Luckily they had a place to turn to for answers when Starbreeze Lead Designer, Ian Stevens agreed to tackle whatever they threw at him. Here's what he threw back...

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FCOLitsjustagame4750d ago

It really showed from the first game. Sure it was a bit short but really what do you want more. A game that you are sick of by the time it is over (kinda like the first Halo for me). Or a game when its over your stoked and ready to play it again while waiting for the sequel. I must have played riddick 4-5 times and would probably play it again now if I didnt lone my xbox out. But thats cool, I will wait, I will wait and hopefully be freaking amazed by the next gen version. I hope it comes out this year, but I dont want them to rush it. Build it with quality boys, I will play Darkness and the other great games coming out while I wait.

PhinneousD4750d ago

so according to this interview, there might not be a multiplayer option. he kept on alluded to the best singleplayer experience possible and the same goes for this pc port. hmmm....

FCOLitsjustagame4750d ago

I am pretty sure thats why they said they left out multiplayer the first time. I am almost positive that they indicated that there will be multiplayer in this version. Remember the single player story is already designed they just have to put it in the code. They should have had enough time to design the multiplayer this time.

grifter0244750d ago

Cant wait , I really like this game. It was pretty cool, The only bad part about it was when you started the game and were in a dark place you couldnt really see anything. I mean it was hard to get around sneaking because you couldnt see anything! When you finally got your eye shine it was a heck of a lot easier but the beginning was kinda cheap.

Eclipticus4750d ago

true it was easier with the Shine. But you appreciated it more. And the darkness without the Shine, definatly added to the atmoshpere to the game.

Eclipticus4750d ago

This is one of my Favorite FPS. I was kind of concerned when they were going to make it B/C but this is so much better. ( mostly because i have the original in storage) This game, bioshock, and assassins creed, has got me excited