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Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony is the second and possibly last episode in the Grand Theft Auto IV series that Rockstar released exclusively for the XBOX 360. It doesn't tie in with the story of Nico Bellic in the original GTA IV but instead it focuses on an all new character in Liberty City. The game follows the story of Luis Lopez, a Hispanic guy who will do anything for the sake of his mother and to keep his close relationship intact with Tony Prince, the owner of some famous clubs in Liberty City, as his personal body guard. But his shady past as a drug dealer is sure to land him in trouble, the kind he can only count on himself to get out of...

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WildArmed3277d ago

Another solid review. Fallout 3 DLC has put me off from downloading any other DLC.. so buggy etc etc

Since I've not played the first DLC content, I was wondering how it works.
Is it just like playing GTA IV but with another character + story? Or do the DLC add new locations etc? I'm going to have to pick up the Liberty City Stories. I didnt take a shining to Niko and his story.. got bored fast (maybe i didnt go far enough). But I gotta try out L&D n Gay Tony.