Children's Lobby Group Expresses Outrage at Modern Warfare 2 In Australia

A prominent children's lobby group, the Australian Council on Children and the Media called upon the Australian classification board to rescind its decision to rate Modern Warfare 2 at MA15+ after footage of a scene in which the player massacres dozens of civilians in an airport with assault weapons surfaced yesterday.

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WildArmed3328d ago

Honestly as games get more realistic, I dont want these situations in any game. esp. since the graphics of MW2 are extremely good and voice acting. I dunt know, if i walked in while someone was playing that scene, I may not be able to figure out that I was watching a video games vs news etc.

We've seen the effects of GTA on idiots.. Seriously dont need Mw2 increasing terrorism.

LtSkittles3328d ago

I d/k what to think either. I mean I'm glad that it's skippable, but I know Fox News is going to have a hissy-fit, and take it out of context, and blame video games all together, and other groups of people will flip out. I know for a fact Jack Thompson will want to get back as a lawyer, and try to ban it. People can't blame things on video games, film, or music, because they are means of entertainment, and aren't supposed to be taken literally.

WildArmed3328d ago

Only if everyone understood that. Then there wouldnt be soo many Grand Theft Auto copy-cats running around like idiots. W/e, Imma have a blast playing MW2 online newayz >:)

JonnyBadfinger3328d ago

LOL! Childrens Lobby Groups!

Ive never seen the ad on TV.....ever!

People gotta remember that its rated MA 15+ RESTRICTED, which means anyone under the age of 15 should NOT be playing the game. But i dont understand why these single middle aged men and women whinges seem to think they know what affects children and what doesnt.

If the parent aint worried why should they be?...

And while they are at it, why dont they start classifying the News on TV, you see more dead bodies on the News than you see in mass graves.

Feral Gamer3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

How can playing a violent game cause people to become terrorists? It's not as though little Jonny will drop out of middle school and attack someone.

The segment of the game is rather inappropriate, however. But it's no worse than Grand Theft Auto games.

If someone is going to grow up to be violent, whether through nature vs. nurture, it's bound to happen whether or not they watch violent media. Even if you were to shelter this person from violent media, they'd probably still end up commiting a crime or acting violently.

WildArmed3328d ago

... I guess you havent paid enough attention to all the articles about an idiot doing an idiotic thing.
For us, its common knowledge.. and then there are special exceptions -.-
There will always be someone that will do something stupid that you won't believe. Thats just the way the world works.

WildArmed3328d ago

Right, having the nature vs nurture debate here would be pointless. Both play a role. even if it the media effect 1 out of million people, it has an effect ya know? Both nature and nurture have proven their point in scientific experiemnts.
But the thing he what crime he commits may be the factor that is changed by an external stimulus.
But I'm just making a point, that there are people who seems to thing OMG thats a great idea.. instead of stealing a car, lets go into a gang war! lol

Cosquae3328d ago

"Won't someone please think of the children!"

But seriously, this isn't a kid's game, there's a reason it's got such a high age classification. That said, still looks kind of fun.