Gamesradar: Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City Review

While great on their own, bringing The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony together makes for an impressive package that rivals GTA IV itself while completing the story it began. The missions, gameplay tweaks and parallel stories make this a must-buy for fans who haven't already downloaded either add-on.

If you haven't downloaded either add-on yet, then you might want to consider picking up Episodes from Liberty City, which collects them both on one disc that you don't need Grand Theft Auto IV to play. It doesn't offer any new features over the downloadable editions, unless you count a static game-select screen as a "feature," but if you lack the time or the bandwidth to wait for the lengthy downloads, or just don't have GTA IV, this is the best way to get your hands on them.

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Saaking4972d ago (Edited 4972d ago )

Gamesradar= FAIL.
IT's bot central over there.

LtSkittles4972d ago

Uncharted 2 10/10

I guess that means all of them are good, but you wouldn't know that, because you fail to use the search bar on Games Radar.

Saaking4972d ago (Edited 4972d ago )

wow, that's a BIG surprise/ sarcasm.

Didn't they already review The Lost and Damned? Why are they re-reviewing what is basically the same thing?

kissmeimgreek4972d ago

they're reviewing the set and seeing if theyre both worth forty dollars together.

WenisWagon4972d ago

10/10, that's higher than uncharted 2. True AAA found only on Xbox 360!

Greywulf4972d ago (Edited 4972d ago )

1 AAA at the end of the year, then dlc of a 1 year old game. I loved GTA... but at this rate, you will pretend to love DLC for the rest of the years to come if its not old by now right? keep buying 20 dollar add ons every year no?

The 14972d ago (Edited 4972d ago )

More crying. Are you going to find another article claiming 360 fans are being bent over by Microsoft because of AAA game expansions?

LOL Trying to spin GT4's AAA expansions that add value to the software people spend their hard earned cash on.

We know the routine NASIM/ANTAN/TheBandit/Saaking/ Greywulf/Pirate Thom/ Bash something you don't have until you get it.

ReviewsArePolitics4972d ago

We missed you, long time no see


Anyway, lol to the 10 out of 10. This game is far from perfect and far from comparing to the best games ever made, Zelda and Uncharted. This is a 9 at most. Also, lol @ paying full price for DLC, but that's what you guys like

takecontrol4972d ago

Looks like he's got you in a panic or should I call you thebandit or is Canadianguy420?

WildArmed4972d ago (Edited 4972d ago )

Seems like the GTA review crap all over again.
GTA IV was extremely overrated (getting a metarating of 98)
I wouldnt be surprised if this went above GTA IV's score.

Then again, I havnt played the DLC so I shouldn't be quick to judge.
Will pick up Liberty City Stories and see for myself

I dont know but I'm skeptical of games that the media praises to be good as Z:OoT, bioshock, goldeneye etc etc.

Antan4972d ago (Edited 4972d ago )

You called "The 1"? For anyone unfamiliar, "The 1" is our old friend Power of Green, Why Dis, Really Duh, I Did Not Murder Him, Cooliris, PSSlim and his "other" new accounts are Morganfel and Gamearts.

He likes to force his opinions down peoples throats but doesn`t like it when other opinions differ from his, but you know what, after nearly 4 years you get used to his wisecracks and his "great" knowledge of the industry and the technicalities of it.

This below is how he shot himself in the foot using onne of his many accounts.............

But the mods are aware of the situation.

And of course if any people would like to check my history, please enlighten me and show me where i a game, but as you know or will come to know, its a little trait of his to start pointing fingers at other users......instead of himself.

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Shadow Man4972d ago (Edited 4972d ago )

2 AAA in one month! And two Flops in one month AKA AFRIKA and eyepet.

PS:Afrika and Eyepet Flop!

4972d ago
stb4972d ago

2 - awww Love the smell of 360s AAA droids?
2 AAA in one month! And two Flops in one month AKA AFRIKA and eyepet.

PS:Afrika and Eyepet Flop!

Well afrika was a big flop, about that there isnt doubt, butttttttttttt, but if u didnt now fckbot eyet is selling wat more than forza in uk, who knows where else, it is also selling more than uncharted 2 in its first days it came out. so guess one of these beating the crp out of flopza jajajaja.

WildArmed4972d ago

shouldnt be surprised.
From what I've heard Lost N Damned was a great DLC episode.
And by the media reviews, so is Gay Tony Jr.

Atleast the DLC isnt bad as Fallout 3 lol
Now that was some bad DLC.

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