Half-Minute Hero not going for sale in Canada "Well, if you live in Canada, then odds are that you aren't going to pick up Half-Minute hero on the PSP. Why is this? Because the game lacks French, and to Quebec that's a big no-no, so they won't allow anyone to sell it."

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N4Gmodsaredouches3554d ago

According to the title 'not going for sale in Canada" is the same as ... it IS for sale in Canada in limited release (as you would expect for a niche game) AND is on sale in Canada on the PSN. Where you CAN'T buy it is retail in Quebec.

I don't see how the title to this submission and the reality of the situation have ANYTHING in common.

Maybe I'm expecting too much of those that submit stories though.

Digitaldude3554d ago

Sucks for Canadians, fantastic game.

Mr_Bun3554d ago

Not all of Canada, just quebec...The quebec politicians are becoming the cancer of Canada

The main problem with this 'bilingual' thing, is that only 10% of Canadians don't speak English and 90% of those live in quebec.

At 1 point the province wanted the AMA (American Movie Assoc.) to not only provide french dubbing to movies being shipped to quebec, but they wanted the local dialect!

Gothdom3554d ago

Don't blame Quebec, they wanted to separate but the rest of Canada wanted them to stay so bad, they used Canada's taxes to show Quebec that they loved them.

BTW, the movie thing passed and works very very well. Hollywood now likes it because more people here checks the movies, and they receive more $$$ from before.

To the article: be a man, buy from eBay.

SuperStrokey11233554d ago

Actually Quebec didnt want to separate, only a small minority of the population wanted to actually leave. The question in the last referendum was far from clear cut and when it was made more direct the support for it dropped significantly.

Quebec wants to be part of Canada and Canada wants them to be part of it, thats all there is too it.

Montrealien3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

First thing first, this is only in Quebec, so this is like saying that you can`t get a certain game in all of the US when in fact its only in Texas that you can`t get the game.

Secondly the law is for packadging only, if the game is in english and not available in french anywhere else in the world, as long as the packadging is bilingual its fine. And when it comes to small releases by small publishers its not a wise business move to pay for the new packadginf for such a small market, the bigger publishers have addapted just fine. The law sucks, but as a proud french canadian from Ontario I respect it its important to make sure our french culture is protected at least in Quebec imho.

here are a few tips for the author though. Be resourceful. There are many ways around this law. You can order it, or you can find stores that do get them in. Gamebuzz and certain Microplays are known to deal with distributors that get these games, ask for them at the counter. I know for a fact that we make sure we have the special niche games that are only in english, Demon`s soul is a great example of this, we had plenty of games, we just can`t display them, and would really only get in trouble if someone complains about it and when it concernes games that are not available and are niche, the chances of that are very slim.

bottom line, its a drag, yes, but its understandable and there are ways around it, you just got to dig a little.

@Gothdom, I was at the Canada loves Quebec Rally in downtown Montreal payed for by those tax dollars at the last referendum, it was amazing and I am very proud to have been a part of it, even move to Montreal since I fell in love with the province and wanted to have a voicehere as a proud French Canadian.

corneliuscrust3554d ago

They held a completely fraudulent referendum, which still failed.

they wanted to keep the canadian dollar and be exempt from paying all of the tax the had built up.

You wonder why no one wanted to give them that deal? Even though most of the country doesn't really want to deal with the sht they keep raising. Ridiculous laws (you wonder why most contests state "Excluding Quebec" in their rules?), a language police's like looney toons there.

Montrealien3554d ago

corneliuscrust, pls try to be respectful. You clearly lack good knowledge on the matter.

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RugbyGod3554d ago

This is yet another example of french speaking Canada dictating what the rest of Canada gets because of supposed inequality to french Canada. As a completely english speaking Canadian, I am so sick of this crap. Late releases on games because french instruction booklets need to be added, non release of games b'cos of the zero french content...enough is enough.

SuperStrokey11233554d ago

No thats not right, the games are still released in Canada. Quebec doesnt get them though.

Montrealien3554d ago

I work in the retail end of videogames in Quebec, and what Rugbygod is discribing is simply false. I am a french canadian and I would be pissed if this was hapening in Vancouver, but that is not the case. Quebec however has its right to protect its french heritage, this does not affect the rest of canada, as he Rubgygod implies.

corneliuscrust3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

are damn lucky the english let them keep their culture in the colony days when it should have been assimilated.

Montrealien3554d ago

wow corneliuscrust, you have no idea what you are talking about.

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