Why Kids Don't Want An Xbox For Christmas

Xbox LifeStyle gives their thoughts on a recent survey showing that the Xbox 360 is NOT a most wanted item this holiday season by kids under the age of 18.

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NateNater3279d ago

Because they would rather have the system that does everything

commodore643279d ago

like backwards compatibility and linux.

oh wait.

karan86243279d ago

Your comments are hilarious, as xbox 360 doesnt have linux either. How the hell can you justify bashing something you dont have?

And you only have BW compatibility for certain games.

Anorexorcist3279d ago

Oh please you freaking idiots! If BC is a factor in a person's decision to purchase a PS3, any other SKU besides the Slim are available for purchase to satisfy that factor.

The Xbox 360 itself isn't even a model to follow for BC-compatibility either, so STFU. Clearly you idiots are grasping here.

On the other hand, The Xbox 360 is the model to follow for this:

commodore643279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

@ Anorexist

well, dude... I never said that the 360 *does everything*
That lie, it seems, is reserved for the ps3.

Incidentally, here's the b/c list for the 360.

Can you find me the b/c list for the ps3 slim?
Can you find me the b/c list for the ps3 40gb?
Can you find me the b/c list for the ps3 non-launch 80gb?
Shouldn't be too hard to find, considering *it only does everything*, right?

I am waiting.
chop chop!

54percent3279d ago

This is why they don't want a 360

ZombieAutopsy3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

did anyone really buy a ps3 or xbox 360 to play ps2 or original xbox games...if you did you're a dam fool. Besides couldnt you guys come up with something more reasonable to bash, if i was a 360 fanboy i would of said something like "Ps3 it does everything, except cross game chat" at least thats a feature people actually want. If u wanted to play ps2 games you can get a used ps2 for pretty damn cheap and same with xbox.

Disagree, you sir are a fool then.

3279d ago
Taarec10ToTheEnd3279d ago

Every PS3 can play the 2,000 count library for the PS1.

Anorexorcist3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Yeah go ahead and take some makeshift Xbox 360 BC list from Wikipedia, any and all bored and socially-deprived Xbot idiots on here can go on and modify that list to say anything, just like they were so impassioned to modify and downgrade the Resistance 2 user reviews on Metacritic last year.

Now if you want to get all techical about it, I do admit, the PS3 really can't do everything. I mean after all:

It can't go to class for me.

It can't go to a job interview for me.

It can't make my car payment for me.

It can't go grocery shopping for me.

So yeah I guess the PS3 really can't do everything, but one of the things it can stay functional and not sh*t out on me.

Now that may mean jack sh*t to you (I am sure you are probably on your 3rd Xbox, at least) but it means a hell of a lot to the rest of us.

3279d ago
NateNater3279d ago

Why so many complaints about BC? PS3 has so many games out now that PS2 is getting kind of old. Don't get me wrong, I love PS2.

But if BC is such a massive problem for all you people, just get a PS2 from ebay for like $50 or probably even cheaper. And if you already have a PS2, stop your B!tching about BC cuz it frikin annoying and pointless!

Anon19743279d ago

Anyone who wanted backwards compatibility had a window open to buy a PS3 that supported that feature. Microsoft did the same thing, offered BC with some consoles but not with others (Arcade and Core 360's can't play Xbox games without a harddrive). Then Microsoft stopped supporting that feature, and even scrapped Xbox Originals for download.

And really, it doesn't matter. I didn't buy my PS3 to play PS2 games. If I still wanted to play PS2 games I would have kept my PS2. There are enough highly rated PS3 games to keep me gaming for years if they didn't even release another single game for the PS3. My brother bought a 40 GB PS3 2 years ago, assuming it would play PS2 games and didn't even find out that it wasn't BC until I told him 2 years later. A PS2 game never even touched his system in that time, there were so many PS3 games to play.

jerethdagryphon3279d ago

commadore 64heres the list of games

these should all work on the slim

or officially

in other words 90% of a catlouge of games for ps1
and while your right about ps2 back compatability
early adoptors were rewarded with significant compatability

ZBlacktt3279d ago

Better than breaking down all the time and playing/doing nothing correct? Nice try, but try again. BTW, UC2 is GREAT!

commodore643279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Ok so, what you guys have shown me is that the ps3 can play SOME ps1 games.
However, i was correct in saying that the ps3 has extremely limited, or NO ps2 b/c.

This is because "The 40GB, 80GB re-release and the upcoming 160GB version of the PS3 are not backward compatible with some PS2 games because all hardware chips from the former console are omitted."

This quote was taken from 'drummer"'s link, with which he unfortunately owned himself.
Pay attention to the links you submit, drummer, because this one bit you in the ass while your back was turned... lol!

Fact is, the MOST popular skus (40gb and slim) are NOT ps2 b/c compatible AT ALL.
Not even software emulation!
Here's Sony's own FAQ telling it like it is:
"PLAYSTATION 3 40GB, 80GB and 160GB systems are not compatible with PlayStation 2 titles and will only play a limited number of PlayStation one titles.

Always nice when Sony themselves prove me right.

So what's my objective outcome here?
Is it to play xbox1 games on 360?... no.
Is it to play ps1,ps2 games on ps3?... no.

My POINT is that the ps3 *DOESN'T DO EVERYTHING*, which i (sarcastically, but correctly) observed in my first post.
Just because you guys don't like this fact, doesn't make it less true, right?

Seems like the marketing cry *it only does everything*, is yet another Sony lie, which you guys seemingly are doing your best to ignore.

Rah rah rah!
Sony cheersquad to the rescue!

bujasem_893279d ago

look its simple u want BC that much just get the metal gear bundle it has BC i just finished playing DMC3 ;)

ZBlacktt3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

LOL, nice effort again. But really, you put way to much thought into it. Here, let's think more simpler shall we. The best selling video game console of all time is what? Ok, how about the second best selling console of all time? Ok, still with me? So what are the odds that gamers today having either console? I mean they both have been around some 15 and 9 years respectively. They both came with a hellva big library of games. The PS2 is still on the market selling consoles and getting new games. So where is the problem here? Everyone either has a PS 1 or 2 already due to the history. Or Craigslist has them listed for avg. $60 with many games, controllers and memory cards. If this is really the only issue you can drum up. Then bro, you really are reaching here and no one is going to see it like you do. So good luck with that, really. I would really hate to see you talk about "real " issues. Like 54% fail rates in 4 years and 7 console designs later.

commodore643278d ago

@ above

Hmmm yeah. You are right. I put too much thought into it.

This will suffice, instead:
"Ps3. It only *doesn't* do everything"

If you are honest, that's the bottom line.

3278d ago
NateNater3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Just read my 1.12 comment and stop your b!tching already. Both 360 and PS3 don't have fully backwards compatibility, unless you have the 60 gig PS3 like me.

Like I said. If its such a big problem go buy a PS2 or just stick with your 360. I don't really give a damn. Its time for you to STFU now.

Edit: Commoder just look at my agrees and your disagrees and we'll let that decide who really got "owned"

Oner3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

@ Commodore ~ If you REALLY want to be honest then all you have to do is look at this info

$300 360 Elite 120gb model + 1 year of LIVE! $50 + 1 additional controller $50 + 2 play & charge kits $40 + HDMI cable $5 = $445


$300 PS3 Slim 120gb model + 1 additional controller $50 + HDMI cable $5 = $355

PS3 is $90 cheaper with a hell of a lot more stability and capabilities (BD, WiFi, Rechargeable Controllers, No fees for multiplayer, the use of standard USB peripherals, even Bluetooth accessories & etc.)

But that is if you where honest..but you're not.

Edit ~ Hell now that I look back at it, if you drop some of the additions like the extra controllers and C&P kit for the 360 & PS3 you would only be at $355 for the 360 + LIVE! & HDMI & $305 for a PS3 + HDMI for a $50 CHEAPER price for the PS3 and you get even LESS options for your money when you buy a 360!

AssassinHD3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Oddly enough, the Xbox 360 also lacks Linux support and PS2 backward compatibility. Those 2 features would not be a deciding factor for someone choosing between the PS3 and the Xbox 360. Nice try though.

Noone is going to buy an Xbox 360 over a PS3 just because the PS3 does not play PS2 games.

Noone is going to buy an Xbox 360 over a PS3 just because the PS3 does not support Linux.

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Jamie_C_UK3279d ago

Kids just want dark rooms, a crack pipe and a nudey mag. Kids cant even spell xbox these days.

karan86243279d ago

replace the crack pipe with some weed and you've just made an entertaining hour

MAiKU3279d ago

Sorry wenis, you're partly right.

Kids these days want more innovative and intelligent hardware like the wii and ps3.

They back off from the 360. Well they tried to play with it but then RROD.

Can you hear microsoft's campaign now? "360. It only does---- oh sorry it just RROD nevermind."

NateNater3279d ago

Hahaha yea. I guess you need to be a big boy to be able to pick up the telephone and call up Microsoft about E74s and Red Rings for the one millionth time.

And big boys need to make money to pay for their $50 online subscriptions every year. Oh and big boys also need to spend another $100 on wifi if they want that too.

It seems like you big boys prefer to pay more for less. Whatever. Us "kids" have made our choice. And it seems kids have been making better choices than big boys these days. If you know what I mean.

PopEmUp3279d ago

The "big boys" that live under their mother's basement?

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gamesR4fun3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

"PS3 is now the best platform for those who are interested in multiplatform games but don’t own a 360 or PS3, largely thanks to the PS3’s free online service, which makes Microsoft look terrible in comparison. The other elephant in the room that makes Microsoft look bad is the Red Ring of Death, which has no doubt become common knowledge to kids through simple word of mouth. Nobody wants a product that is almost guaranteed to break at some point or another, and hearing that fat kid from math class whine about how he has to wait 5 days for his Xbox to get repaired can work wonders in Sony’s favor."

but dont forget the amazing ps3 exclusive n the power of b/r that n a porn friendly browser... man those kids are getting smarter every year eh.

LordMarius3279d ago

also because of the recent ads, the PS3 has become "cool" and the console to own

Bathyj3279d ago

PS3's browser is awesome for porn because you dont have to keep renaming files if the same name exists already.

Honestly its such a great time saver, I'm porning at a much higher level than on PC. ;)

Raf1k13279d ago

there is a downside to this -> more kids on PSN.

Saaking3279d ago

The PS3 offer much more, FACT. It's a great system both for children and adults. A system from which everyone can get what they want. It only does everything.

SnuggleBandit3279d ago

bub to you bathy...comment of the day right there lol

CryWolf3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

So what that just mean more Naruto and DragonBall Z games on sale for PS3/Wii kids.

ABizzel13279d ago

OMG that Santa picture is funny. But yeah the PS3 is what's hot right now, and not to sound fanboyish, but it should be. The price is acceptable, and it has a great library of games. The 360 didn't have anything great this year, so they need to make a comeback in 2010.

sikbeta3279d ago

-mom, I want a xbox 360
-but son, you say you wanted a PS3 now
-yeah, but the xbox 360 got something the PS3 doesn't
-and what is that?
-RROD, I listen everywhere that is so popular among xbox owners


WenisWagon3279d ago

kids want kiddy consoles, like the ps3 and wii. Us big boys play with a big boy console, the Xbox 360.

Bathyj3279d ago

Triangle, File, Save Target, select Harddrive, Download in Background, repeat.

Sarcasm3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

LMAO at the article picture

DaTruth3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Except in the comments section of N4G!

@Sarcasm:You just screwed up my comment

gintoki7773279d ago

also most these kids have had more than 1 xbox already so why get another?

Shepherd 2143279d ago

If the article said "Most Kids under 18 want an Xbox 360 this Holiday Season" the posts would be flaming with insults saying that little kids like the Xbox and mature people like the PS3. Figures.

ButterToast3279d ago

well hopefully those kids getting PS3's for Christmas won't have access to mics.

Consoldtobots3278d ago

lmao @ the santa flasher pic

NoBias3278d ago

most of them probably already own a 360 and are looking at a PS3 for this upcoming holiday. Owning both ftw, I say.

calis3278d ago

Kids don't want an XBox for XMAS because they know they'll have to get a refurbished one the next Easter.

Shadow Flare3278d ago

You're right, it would mean there's more kids on psn but this is exactly the reason why im very thankful sony don't package a headset with consoles. If a headset was packed with every console like 360 does, then you would get what Live gets and have every jerk that has access to a headset talking smack and being abusive. With the ps3, you have to be interested enough in voice chat to go out and buy one. You're not just given it. If a kid is just given a headset for free, of course they're gonna abuse it, and scream and cuss and sing and be a right little crap. PSN for the most part is a very friendly place. I don't think i've ever heard anyone being racist or anything

frostypants3278d ago

@1.3, yeah, the "squeeker" contingent has seemingly been growing in online games. The worst is in team deathmatches where they try to bark orders. Sorry, little dogs, no one's listening...

syanara3278d ago

that is true. yea. it could also be bringing alot of the xbox live company to the PSN as well which isn't always a good thing.

JsonHenry3278d ago

Why? Because they already have one and the PS3 just came down in price.

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Saaking3279d ago

Perhaps becuase it's a health hazard? Or maybe because it just sucks.

Narutone663278d ago

went back to school and raised their IQ.

LordMarius3279d ago

If anyone buys a 360 this Christmas its probably to decorate their tree with red lights

...or because its cold

Sev3279d ago

That was actually very funny.

WildArmed3279d ago

omg.. i just noticed your avatar is ulquirra or w/e from bleach. I was wondering for weeks wth is that lol

and.. LOL.. thats cold lol
*gets his 360* well, im warm now

Dutch Boogie3279d ago

lol funny stuff mate. I world needs to know the level of mediocrity the 360 imposes.