More Warhawk betas may come soon.

An official email has been just blasted out from Sony. Hinting there may be more beta opening coming soon.

Dear G.A.P. member,

Thanks for your recent interest in the Warhawk beta test. At the moment, we have all the beta testers we need for this phase. But don't lose hope: there may be more Warhawk beta test opportunities in the near future. Keep an eye on your inbox. We'll contact you if we have space in any further phases of the Warhawk beta test.

The PlayStation Underground

Stay tune!!!

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BlackIceJoe4164d ago

I got this e-mail but I am not going to hold my breath. I got the same thing that said in the next round of Home Beta invites I might get in then nothing.

kingofps34164d ago

"Keep an eye on your inbox and be sure to apply for the next one!". Yeah, like you gonna let me through anytime (fingers crossed).

beast4164d ago

It said Dear GAP member and i am not even a gap member. So i think the email was for who ever signed up

KoolMan4164d ago

so this means more Beta servers or simply allow more players in one server, im just confuse because i never got the beta for Home or W.Hawk... so i got no idea how this work... but i really want to get in killzone beta!...

Robotz Rule4164d ago

Didin't get into Warhawk beta:(

Got an email saying "Keep an eye on your inbox and be sure to apply for the next one!"

I hope I at least get in the Killzone 2 beta!

That would be so sweet!

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