Sighted: evidence of new aircraft in Halo 3

You may recall the fuss created by a group of modders last week, in which several things were discovered inside the Halo 3 beta code. There were mentions of new medals, weapons, and vehicles. In particular, the code snippets lead many to believe there would be new aircraft, specifically the Chopper, Pelican, and Phantom. Well, kiddies, throw another log on the rumor fire, as a new medal has been uncovered. This medal is awarded to those who "board an aircraft." We have to note, as did our tipster, that the medal says "aircraft" and not "Banshee." Is this proof that their are more controllable aircraft in Halo 3? Hell no, but it's starting to look that way.

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ben hates you4751d ago

design contest, the guy who won had that human banshee like think, i hope it was that, it would be awesome, i also heard rumor of playabe pelican

Drew4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

Welcome to last week, guys.

This was discovered along with the flyable Pelican, Hornet, Flamethrower, smoke grenade, and all of that other stuff.

closedxxx4751d ago

I was wondering if I was the only person who considered this old news. Those words were all uncovered from the beta code over a week ago. The "aircraft" medal is certainly an indicator of more than one flying vehicle (banshee" and it makes sense. In Halo 2 there was a human equivalent for every other covenant vehicle except for the banshee.

Hayabusa 1174751d ago

This is just a medal. I've acquired it before, and I've seen other people acquire it for boarding the Banshees. The only hint of course is the words "aircraft" not Banshee, but I thought it was obvious there would be a human equivilant of the Banshee.

The great 14751d ago

Total geeks, i thought i'd seen it all but i guess not.

Drew4751d ago

Says the fanboy who sits on his computer all day and defends a faceless corporation.

Awesome going, man.

calderra4751d ago

And for the billionth time:
This is just a demo, this code could be old or even non-existant in development by now. Insert massive grain of salt.

The BS Police4751d ago

The correct term is Beta, but you are right about one thing, the code in this Beta is old.

gta_cb4750d ago

i have finally found a valid view of a friend off XboxLIVE (not a fanboy etc) that said he was very disapointed with the beta in terms of graphics, so yeh i really do hope they can pull everything out of the bag like they say, and make this game look really good, and next gen. but overall its the gameplay that counts, oh and my friend who said he was disapointed said he thinks it plays really well, and will be buying it when it comes out.