GamesRadar: The Ballad of Gay Tony Review

With the release of its second (and probably last) downloadable episode, the story begun in Grand Theft Auto IV is finally complete. So far, we've seen the immigrant-disillusionment story of Niko Bellic and the sad bikers-in-decline tale of The Lost and Damned, each more gritty and depressing than the last. The Ballad of Gay Tony, meanwhile, ends the series on a relative high note, delving into Liberty City's neon-drenched nightclub scene and the lives of its ultra-rich celebrities and power players. It's bigger than Lost and Damned, more upbeat than GTA IV and delivers the fast cars, awesome weapons and over-the-top side activities that many fans had hoped to see after GTA: San Andreas.

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WenisWagon4972d ago

for this Xbox 360 exclusive.

Greywulf4972d ago

So.. DLC is the 360's "AAA" lineup? so without DLC from a old game.. that leaves...

1 aaa in 2009.


BreakNeckSpeed4972d ago

Do you want tissues with that ?

Sm0k3y_Bac0n4971d ago

Very good. And to people who say this is rubbish because its DLC. Its longer than most PS2 games and cheaper than they were when they came out.

And its longer than a lot of 360/PS3/Wii games as well.