PS3: Resistance: Fall of Man Map Pack Preview

GameSpy sneaks into Insomniac for an exclusive hands-on with Fall of Man's upcoming multiplayer map and get the details on the new patch! Since the PS3's inception in the US and Japan six months ago, Resistance: Fall of Man has been something of a rallying point for early console adopters. Considering that it managed to maintain a higher attachment rate to consoles than Madden 07, that's no small feat. Since then, the game has taken on something of a cult status.

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Raist4761d ago

Very, very nice update :)

Once again, great work from Insomniac.

fenderputty4761d ago

I'll have to take a break from Warhawk for that.

DiLeCtioN4761d ago

now i can finally whoop Maddens Raiders n GaMr's ass online. look out for me n.america dbzboy0410 (ps3 gamer tag)

BIadestarX4761d ago

Is this going to be free?

warfed4761d ago

"Another new feature that you can look forward to on release day is the ability to purchase the content in-game. Not in the mood to go to the PlayStation Store when they drop? Insomniac has set it up so that you can buy from a section of the menu, although we're doubtful that you'll be able to play while you download."

Guess not...

warfed4761d ago

No more chimera vs chimera! YES i fahqing hate those matches

Eldon34760d ago

I was worried when i read that if you quit out of too many matches you get banned for awhile, till i read that there will be no more chimera vs chimera because i always quit out of those matches. there just awful.

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The story is too old to be commented.