Lens of Truth - Muramasa: The Demon Blade Review

Lens of Truth writes - "After much doubt, all of us at Lens of Truth were relieved when the news broke that Ignition Entertainment would be getting Muramasa: The Demon Blade ready for a US release. Grabbing various E3 awards, just one look at Muramasa causes love at first sight for most gamers. Now that it's here, does it live up to its pre-release praise? Find out in our latest Flash Review."

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ArthurLee3276d ago

This is the best looking 2D game of all time.

Shogun Master3276d ago

I agree. Nintendo sholud focus on more 2d games like this. The Wii can be like the new Saturn or Dreamcast, a 2d powerhouse.

andron3275d ago

There are some great games on th Wii. Too bad you have to wade through an ocean of showelware and mini game compilations, if you don't know what the good games are...

Seferoth753275d ago

Just ask any PS2 gamer how they got through all the crap... Seriously you act like the Wii is the first only only console with bad games.. God Of War was outsold by Rugrats on PS2..... Hell most of the shovelware on Wii started on PS2 and if Ps2 owners didnt buy those games, those developers wouldnt be around today to make bad Wii games. Hmmm Seems its all Sonya fault after all and the casual base of PS2 owners.

andron3273d ago

I didn't mean to put the Wii or it's owners down. I think there are many great games on Wii and have no problem with the console. I love old Ninty...

But some publishers are pushing out a lot of showelware on the Wii, and some of the great games on Wii (especially the more mature ones) have some problems finding an audience.

Part of the problem is that the Wii is perceived as an inferior machine by fanboys, part is that there are so many casual Wii gamers with no interest in more core games. That was what I was trying to say earlier, albeit not so well maybe...

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stealyrface3276d ago

Every area in this game looks incredible. I wish there was a little more to the gameplay but it has enough positives to keep me playing. After seeing it, I hope companies make more 2d games for the Wii, its where the system really shines.

Shogun Master3276d ago

I think the Castlevania GB remake is coming to Japan this week. Should be in the states soon and be awesome.