Exclusive: Wii 2 specs leaked, Blu-ray enabled and 1080p support?

"" received some exclusive news and specs on the Wii 2 via (though a Nintendo of France marketing employee). The leaked specs denote the Wii 2 will get a Blu-ray drive (mainly to stop piracy), but will also support 1080P for games as well as movies. The new system is due out during the third quarter of next year and there will be the option to trade in old Wii's!

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Pennywise3280d ago

I love the question mark in the title. Always quality journalism.

raztad3280d ago

In this case is needed. This is a rumor after all.

Darkeyes3280d ago

If Nintendo adopts Blu-Ray, then it would be a real boost for Blu-Ray and even M$ eventually would have to incorporate it in their next Xbox.. Either ways, if this thing lands late next year, then M$ needs to seriously consider rescheduling Natal release date cause if the prices are same, then the casual audience will migrate to Wii 2 more... That could be a serious blow to M$. Still a rumor.

SixZeroFour3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

lmao...exclusive speculation? not exclusive specifications

cause they say they have exclusive specs, but arent fully sure if its correct because of the question mark at the end, that means they are just speculation, not fact right?

Microsoft Xbox 3603280d ago

It takes more than resolution to make a nice looking game.

Carl14123280d ago

Why am i doubting this?


LukaX233280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

How is this exclusive if it's not confirmed? It's an exclusive rumor? I can do that. Look.

EXCLUSIVE: New PS3 SKU gets bigger hard drive, 802.11n Wi-Fi and more RAM. The availability of more RAM allows the developers to implement Skype, in and out of a game, supporting 8 player voice chat and 4 player video chat.

^^There's some content for you^^

gaffyh3280d ago

Fake rumor made for hits imo. There is NO WAY Nintendo would allow data regarding the info to be released an entire year early. It would stop their sales of Wii consoles. Even the PS3 Slim rumor only came out a few months before the announcement, not an entire year.

Also Nintendo leaks are very rare, usually it's Sony or MS.

Smacktard3280d ago

>release in 3rd quarter of '10



mindedone3280d ago

Quality Journalistic title - Wii 2 Rumored to have Blu-ray enabled, 1080p support

sikbeta3280d ago

wii owners don't care about + graphics + resolution + Blu-Ray + gameplay, you'll see my point the next gen, that's why this is not a real news and N will stay with the wii until it's popularity dies

Shadow Flare3280d ago

The part that makes me think this is fake is the addition of bluray. I may be wrong about this, but I thought that ever since nintendo stabbed sony in the back with the cd development add-on for the snes, sony haven't allowed nintendo to ever use standard disc formats.

It was nintendo's back stab that made sony create the first playstation. And since sony have always played a big part in disc developments (cd, dvd, bluray) they have the authority to deny nintendo the right to use those disc formats. A very good question is, why didn't nintendo use dvd for the wii? Dvd movie playback is a big selling point. But I believe sony denied them. Thats why every disc format nintendo have used have been some bespoke no-makes. Thats why I don't think sony would let them use bluray. Especially considering how successful wii is

ReviewsArePolitics3280d ago

But anyway, I would assign it a 20% subjective probability belief that Nintendo may want to Counter any momentum that Sony and Microsoft may gain with their 1:1 eyetoy motion control and Natal that could make the Wii seem as obsolete. By doing this they may keep both Sony and Microsoft at bay. However, it would also raise the price of the Wii, so who knows. Then again, disrupting their own market is not a bad idea.

Aquarius3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

"why didn't nintendo use dvd for the wii?"
Nintendo said to make the Wii cheaper and that most households had a DVD player so it was unnecessary.

Lol I never knew the grudge was still there. I thought it was Nintendo's decision to not use DVDs inside the gamecube and Wii...

Well I suppose SONY was right as when the N64 came out, the cartridge's memory wasn't big enough for games, so some games were made for the PS1 instead.

@below no because they will need to include PS3's CPU as well "THE CELL"

...and it's not like Nintendo to advance in their technology is it, when compared to their competitors?
They are still using cartridges in their handhelds.

sack_boi3280d ago

So in other words, Nintedo is releasing a PS3 four years after Sony did?

Hutch23553280d ago

Sony owns blu ray. They are part of a group of companies that own the technology. So even if sony were mad at nintendo, they could not stop them from using the blu ray format. Its maddening. Just google blu ray and you will see the web site that explains and lists the 20 plus companies that own this technology. People are so stupid.

IdleLeeSiuLung3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

isn't it the PS3 with the motion technology?


Either way, I hope the next Wii is backwards compatible. Who knows, it might be more powerful than the PS3, considering 4 years have gone by.

LynyrdSkynyrd3280d ago

... I have no idea what to think of this. If its true then thats GREAT.

But how is this site getting this info first?

HolyOrangeCows3280d ago

....that they need to further consider cost efficiency.
(Around the time that the Slim released and Xbox saw a nice cut)

Aquarius3280d ago

I don't want to see a Wii 2. I want to see a proper successor to the N64 with proper games.

None of this lifestyle rubbish.

Ju3279d ago

Why is everybody up in arms here ? Could very well be possible. And also reasonable. Technology is there. But for a price tag close to PS3/360, I think it'll top out just above those two, but just a bit (maybe 1080p sustainable like 720p for the others - but not significant more polys then those, either). Just to make it worthwhile to compete. At least I hope so. If its way beyond then its good bye for the other two, tbh. Big N has no hard core developers, though, and would rely on all 3rd parties to come up with core titles to compete against those. Mario in HD alone won't cut it...interesting. Lets see how that turns out next year.

Mr Logic3279d ago

It doesn't make sense IMO for the Wii 2 to have expensive hardware. A lot of customers bought it because it was cheap.

Cueil3279d ago

I'm calling BS on this... both for the expensive BR (compaired to DVD) and for the trade in.

vhero3279d ago

Did I miss something or has it been April 1st already? To do this they would have to raise the cost of the wii thus getting rid of the whole point why people bought them in the first place. I smell complete BS.

SaiyanFury3279d ago


It wasn't Sony that denied Nintendo the use of various optical disc-based media in their systems. It was Nintendo that was spited by Sony and they refused to use any medium pioneered by Sony in order to go in their own direction. As was the case first with the N64. While most systems used low cost CDs, Nintendo wanted nothing to do with Sony or it's mediums and they went with cartridges. As was the case with the GameCube. The same thing; Nintendo decided to go with a non-Sony device that was extremely popular with everyone and they went with mini-DVDs. Sony doesn't deny anyone the chance to use a BD drive in their consoles. It's ultimately up to the system designers. With the Wii, Nintendo finally accepted that they needed to move onto a better format with DVD. Microsoft (Sony's direct rival let me remind you) had no troubles using DVD in the original XBox and now the 360. I don't think Sony would refuse any company from using the next logical HD gaming media. With BD being the new mainstream HD format, no system manufacturer should have any troubles using BD to their advantage. It's only Nintendo's hardheadedness that would prevent them from employing it. They have a long history of doing their own thing. History shows this, it's not opinion.

It was Nintendo that shafted Sony in the original SNES Play Station deal. Sony went ahead and made the original PlayStation which became so successful and so many third party developers came on board. While it's true that Sony's lawyers wrote the original contract in which Sony would control IPs released on the SNES Play Station, Nintendo could have made a logical decision to sit down with Sony and hammer out a new agreement. Nope, Nintendo chose to forego that option and they decided to make a deal with Philips, unbeknown to Sony at the time. History is history. If Nintendo uses BD in the new Wii, then more power to them.

starvinbull3279d ago

Blu-Ray in a casual games console would really hurt M$'s second phase strategy of targeting casual gamers.

Only thing is that it needs to be cheap. Slightly less than the PS3 would ensure mass adoption and would chip away at any prospects of M$ getting the casual gamer crowd unless they have a new console release due.

Is it bad news for PS3? Proabably not. It could act as a gateway console for getting people into HD and Blu-Ray films meaning that they would scale up not down in their future console choices.

If this happens I genuinely think it would reinforce the idea of the 360 as not being future proof.

ChickeyCantor3279d ago

" but I thought that ever since nintendo stabbed sony in the back with the cd development add-on for the snes"

They screwed each other, it was coming from both sides.
They both F'up.
Sony wanted to own all IP's that belonged to Nintendo, Nintendo freaked out and went to phillips...for that horrible CDI.

Bizz is still bizz,
Nintendo is not competing in the discreader bizz.
Sony could very well sell their Bluray hardware to Nintendo.
Nintendo wouldn't allow Blu-ray movie playback anyway xD.

starvinbull3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

"Nintendo wouldn't allow movie playback anyway."

Yes they would!

They are a business and they are significantly in the lead with a cosole they make a profit on and struggle to restock shops with.

The Wii 2 can very easily with no great dent on Nintendo's coffers take a sizable fraction the 360's potential customers.

In the UK half the people buying the 360 are people who see it in supermarkets heavily discounted with family games like kung fu panda and viva pinata.

M$ can't put a Blu-Ray ray drive in their machine for films simply because they would have to sell at a higher price than the PS3 and Wii currently do.
They would be negating their own efforts to bring 1080p streamed movies to their console plus they have talked so much trash and backed themselves into a corner that to do so would require a U-turn beyond the capabilities of Petter Solberg.

Nintendo could pincer M$ with Sony on this one and Sony would happily recieve fat royalties for letting them do so. If I were head of Sony I'd wave the royalites and encourage Nintendo to do it.

It's theoretically possible, they have enough consumer support to allow it to happen and it makes perfect sense if they are going to make a HD console that is an upgrade of their current one. The fact that the Wii was such a wimpy mchine to start with makes me more confident than I would otherwise have have been about the possibility.

Main reason for Nintendo sticking with cartridges = Piracy

Main advantage of using Blu-Ray = lower piracy rates than any other format.

Unintentional benefits of using Blu-Ray =

More content on disc

Stealing a huge number of your main competitors customers

Complimenting your machines upgrade to HD with the best optical disc format for HD films and games.

Allowing a sizable proportion of potential next gen gamers to invest in your consoles for HD films.

zeeshan3279d ago

I don't think technology is too far ahead of what we already have in the form of PS3. Even if it was all true, I doubt if Wii will be able to deliver as powerful product as a PS3.

ChickeyCantor3279d ago

""Nintendo wouldn't allow movie playback anyway."

Yes they would! "

I was joking towards the DVD-playback of the Wii...Nintendo never implemented the software as a standard( while it is possible trough third party software and Homebrew.)

People shouldn't forget the holographic data solution Nintendo is researching with the company who makes that stuff.

Xgamerzus3279d ago

Balloney!!! article no way!!!

rockleex3279d ago

If it came from Super_Secret.

Unfortunately he only works for Sony.

frostypants3279d ago

@1.15: Yes, Sony is part of a conglomerate of tech companies behind the Blu-ray initiative, true. This doesn't change the fact that Sony (and the others) would profit from licensing fees on every Wii sold if Nintendo implemented Blu-ray. Same goes if Microsoft did the same thing.

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MaximusPrime3280d ago

interesting. if it does happen, MS is making themselves looking stupid without make xbox 360 have Bluray add-on.

v1c1ous3280d ago

and realize where you are wrong

mrv3213280d ago

I agree with 2.1, DVD offers a tons of space... no game is on more than one disc anyway, like LO, or Forza 3.

Nor are Microsoft offering 1080p movie service...

/Sarcasm incase your THAT stupid.

Blu-ray had proved itself time and time again, firstly with it's almost endless space on current developer models, and then in the film department where it beat HD-DVD which did offer some competition early on.

1080p is becoming standard as is large open world games, I think the DVD is one of the 360's main limitations... and also a pro.

All gaming is give and take, a more powerful machine usually is diffucult to produce for... while a low power one is limited by it's grpahics

v1c1ous3280d ago

what does 360 having a blu-ray addon have to do with the wii2?

morkendo3280d ago

A big if
if wii 2 will have blue ray and previously article saying 360 will have blue-ray as well its good to be sony and toshiba right about now.

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Shoko3280d ago

I really hope this is true, but it just seems s fishy. If its true, than thats pretty awesome.

Cheeseknight283280d ago

Here is my biggest issue with this article:

"Moreover, Nintendo wants to make a worldwide announcement, only one month before release date. Huge publicity and Viral Marketing will be utilized to create the Buzz. Official pictures are not yet available, and more specs will be released in due course."

Think about it. Let's say this is a bull**** article for hits. People can't call them out at E3, because they have this statement. And if they do announce said console at E3, they can simply say "Oh it must have just been fake information. But see, we were right!"


It would be pretty awesome if this is real. I might faint if they announce a 4th Super Smash Bros (Or Star Fox) for launch, in full 1080p glory.

DeadlyFire3279d ago

Indeed. One month. ha. That is funny. I would hope they would do better time for that. E3 still is most likely place for information though. If its not at E3 then its not happening in 2010. :P

ftwrthtx3280d ago

I'm not holding my breath, but at the same time Blu-ray drives and media are coming down in price very fast.

Goomba123280d ago

Exclusive: Rumor has it, this is false.