Are we ready for Modern Warfare? Simulating Terrorism *Spoilers*

EmilioZ writes: "I have always been a proponent to realism in video games. I have always wanted a dramatic moment in a game to elicit an emotion from the player. I think that as a medium, video games need to do this to truly be considered art. Now that I have seen the new footage that was leaked from Modern Warfare 2 I may be changing my tone."

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tillus863279d ago

good article. this is a little too much for me, i think they should use a cutsene for stuff like that. But you can choose to skip the level, i think i will do this.

Not looking forward to the reactions from media and public.. i think activisions ass is on fire right now

ediddy9993279d ago

Yea I'm sure they didn't want to deal with this fire until the game came out. I do think that this will get other more interested in the game. I think that Activition would love to see Modern Warfare 2 on the nightly news. Any publicity is good publicity right?

WildArmed3279d ago

I dont think majority of the gamers would care.
The parents might, but its not like there havent been terrorist games before. The media will make a fuss about it, but for the most part most gamers will be too into the thrill of playing Mw2 to even notice those unfortunate events that will takes place in Mw2

The Meerkat3279d ago

Ones mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter.

DK_Kithuni_713278d ago

can forget all about getting my money this time. Modern Warfare 2 looks like the same old Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare to me. Also heard enough stupid BS marketing comments about how great Activision and Infinity Ward are and how well they know all us gamers. Furthermore I have no interest in playing a terrorist. Actually, I'm thinking the game may be so poor that all it has going for it is shock value.

No thanks Activision and Infinity Ward!

wollie3278d ago

I don't like this for the same reason I don't like art that is supposed to make you "uneasy." When I sit down to play a game I want to be entertained. I want to have a good feeling when I get done. There is to much messed up stuff in real life, I don't need a mission were I gun down innocents. More power to the sick bastards that get some kind of enjoyment out of this. Freedom of speech and all that.

xXdragonspawnXx3278d ago

I myself will play though it not skipping it at all. Why is it that people can't handle it. The same thing with the scence how the WAR came here and it shows our capital burning and destroyed. Why can't it happen here? It's always easy to play a game destroying other country, cities or whatever the sittuation implies, but the minute that they use our precious US well then it's another story and People get upset. maybe it can be that we are the enemies invading there space because its not like its the first time that we have done that before in the military ("speaking from expirience"). Regardless MW2 will still sell well. And those of you who skip that part will eventually play through it. Just to be curious in how it plays out and you will really get the point in how that totally changes your attitude while playing through the campaign.

ediddy9993278d ago

You make some interesting points. Since most games are made from our point of view we tend to accept them as the truth and that everything else must be wrong. You got me thinking.

JeffGUNZ3278d ago

Someone that understands. When anything happens to America people say it's too much. We go around killing Germans in WWII games without a blink of an eye, what about the Germans perspective? It's a game. It's meant to show you the evilness of your character. Grow up people. If you're an adult and can not handle this, then these violent shooters shouldn't be games you play.

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