AMD dumps DirectX 9 card support under Windows 7

Fudzilla: "We were surprised to see that customer oriented AMD has decided to leave its all DirectX 9 supporters hanging. According to AMD's support site, its DirectX 9 cards won't be officially supported under Windows 7."

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Nihilism3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

and ati fans claim their driver support is as good as nvidia...

that's insane though, dx9 is the most successful API ever, there are still dx9 games coming out, and they still look insanely good: see dragon age origins, mass effect 2, dead space 2, diablo 3, starcraft 2, bioshock 2......and so on forever

darkmurder3275d ago

I still don't get people's fascination with AMD, people whine about Nvidia's 'anti-competitive' tactics when all they're doing is making games better. AMD always goes for the half assed option (eg open source physics).

Nihilism3275d ago

I know what you mean, but it does suck that nvidia doesn't port physx to ati ( which the nvidia ceo has said is possible), but at the same time, ati could always come up with their own physx...actually I take it back, they sub-contracted lucasarts to work on their open source alternative...they don't have skilled enough technicians. I used to love amd, but them and ati have become second rate, they released faulty quad cores with 1 cores disabled because they were unstable...and so they sold them as triple cores, their video cards are barely a re-design, they just add a few more shaders, etc etc, but their gpu's run at about 100 degreesa and use far too much power, they might go decently in price/performance, but the products are shoddy. There is a good reason they are in second place in the gpu/cpu markets. I have build 3 pc's, 2 of them with amd's, but i will never use amd again, simply because by the time they have their 6 cores out, nvidia will have their 6 cores ( with hyperthreasding= 12threads), so they will never be able to match either nvidia or ati.

Another big thing: ati screamed about nvidia getting AA to work in batman arkham asylum...but nvidia has 100's of technicians they get to optimise games for people in the 'way it's meant to be played' program...for free. So they spent the time and money getting AA to work with the engine which doesn't natively support AA. ATI did nothing, yet they still complain. tisk tisk

Software_Lover3275d ago

Didn't see that one coming.