I Heart Zombie: God of War 3 Hands-On Eurogamer Expo 2009

Will writes:

"So i just got back from the Eurogamer expo in Leeds and i had some time with the God of War 3 demo that was on show.

How did i like it? It is incredible!

I was able to instantly pick up the controls and play, i had no issues with learning the controls at all. Kratos responded on screen instantly and i also had no issues with the camera which helped me enjoy the demo further. This was by far the best game i played during the entire Expo."

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Homicide3280d ago

So it's just more of the same right? Simple, casual battle system that requires no skill to master. Same animations, same combos, etc. I'll wait for Bayonetta then.

happyman113280d ago

It is similar yes ( i wrote article btw ), however the additions such as the vents are fun and i think it is at least worth renting

Dipso3280d ago

Maybe you shouldn't base an opinion on a demo you have yet to play. Besides Homicide, you could change your mind. You went from claiming Demons Souls to be the best game of this generation and then decided you didn't really like it a few days later. Fickle much?

happyman113280d ago

of course there is time to improve/change any remaining issues before march 2010

Homicide3280d ago

The first two levels are the only good ones in Demon's.

THC CELL3280d ago


can u tell me something now
why are u going on what a fanboys blog says ?
and why are u going on a demo

we all no the best will be added to the game
the gore alone will make this game be sweet

the puzzles and the story i can not wait to see
u stick to ya moaning anyways

Uncharted 2 has the same buttons and learning curve and is still the best game ever
and why challenge God of war with a multi platform game i dont no

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Arkham3280d ago

Fan blogs <> news. Nice to know that the enjoyable game was enjoyable, but c'mon. For the threeve-teenth time I suggest that a 'Blog' category be implemented here. We'll still see them in Pending, but at least stories like this will be in their place.

THC CELL3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

god of war can have 1 hit button and jump and still be one of the best games out

people will go mad to see the gore in this game
and i bet it will be some of the best gore
aus will have to import to see it really feel for u guys but to be honest it will be worth the few extra dollars

btw uncharted 2 has no more moves the the first one and its still the best game this gen
mark my words people skipping this game should get there act together and buy it cause u dont no what ya missing

THC CELL3280d ago

well i will be honest boys i never played god of war
i have pre ordered the blu ray one to get into the story cause deep down i can see its a epic game