Reminder: FFXIII, FFXIV and other Square Enix games at Micromania Game Show'09 tomorrow.

This was known for several weeks, but I think it's a good reminder:

Starting tomorrow, Micromania Game Show (MGS) will be held in France!

It's a big European game show similar to Games Convention in August. A lot of popular video game companies will show their latest games there, including Square Enix!

They've announced their line-up a few weeks back on the main page of the MGS Site:

"Square Enix will show over 200m ² of its games and some titles from Eidos. We note in particular the presence of Final Fantasy XIII in Japanese, non-playable version. This is a first presentation of the game in the West. This highly anticipated RPG will land in the second quarter of 2010 on Xbox 360 and PS3. It combines elements from the classic RPG, with very good-looking graphics. The player controls a hero, assisted by two other characters led by A.I. The universe is a combination of fantasy with futuristic elements"

There will be many other famous video game companies like EA, Capcom, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Ubisoft,…. You can view the full line-up on the official French MGS site:

The other games that will also be on their booth:

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